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Grammar Mini Lesson: Possessive Apostrophes

No description

Leo Portugal

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Grammar Mini Lesson: Possessive Apostrophes

Katniss Plural noun ends in -s
add ‘ after the -s
Tributes = more than one person (plural)
The tributes’ arms are crossed because
they want to look intimidating. Tributes Plural nouns with no -s
add 's at the end
Children = plural noun
The children's faces are fearful because they
do not want to be picked. District 12 Children Peeta's conscience told him to toss Katniss bread.
Katniss 's sister was picked and Katniss volunteered.
The tributes' weapons were heavily guarded.
Katniss and Gale's friendship is confusing.
The children's mothers told them to come home. Let's Review! Singular noun ends in -s
add 's after the last -s
Katniss = one person
Katniss's best survival skill is hunting.
Singular noun that doesn’t end in -s
add ‘s at the end
Peeta = one person (singular)
Peeta's face is dirty because there are no showers
in the Hunger Games. Peeta Katniss and Gale Shared possession
add ‘s at the end of the 2nd noun
Katniss + Gale = 2 nouns
Katniss and Gale's friendship is very
complicated. May the Apostrophes be ever in your favor Just for fun! Can you find the apostrophe error??? We use apostrophes (') for only two purposes: Conjunctions Possessives
you are = you're
I am = I'm
we would = we'd That is Christopher's car.
That's Maria's jacket.
Those are the students' essays. Show ownership; Show when something belongs to someone. Two words smashed together with one or more missing letters. UNLESS it sounds funny to add the "s" sound. Then you just add an apostrophe.
For example: Officer Philips' police badge.
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