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The Big Bang Theory

It all started with the Big Bang, BANG!

Marko Bogicevic

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Big Bang Theory

What is it you ask? The show follows the lives of four nerds And a girl, Penny. The Big Bang Theory. But who would want to watch four nerds? Well they're just hilarious! Howard: The self-
"Ladies man" Leonard: Well he's
in love with Penny. Sheldon: He's just a freak.
But that's why he's so
funny. And Rajesh: The guy who
can only talk to women
when alcohol is involved. The show is interesting as the way the nerds treat each other and penny is quite funny.
Also, its not the most obvious source of comedy, and thats why it's so funny. When is it on you ask? Well, Channel 9 has it on Mondays at 8-8.30 pm. Very convenient time. I recommend it :)
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