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Learning Futures

Preparing Churchfields for tomorrow's learner...

Jim Robbins

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Learning Futures

Learning Futures A bit of background. What prompted this? Is Churchfields ready for the 21st Century Learner? Learning futures Sandra Muir and I attended the
RM Strategic Forum in Bristol
looking at Learning Spaces So...

Sandra and I are sold on the concept.

But how do we make it work for Churchfields?

What are the key barriers to us having more of these flexible learning spaces? Money!
These spaces do not come cheap! Are the teachers and support staff in the school geared up to deliver flexible learing spaces? Staff Evidence Can we demonstrate that these technologies have an impact on attainment?

Can we be sure that these aren't just expensive gimmicks? And why we should be ready for change! Our Solution We need a space where teachers can get experience with new technologies, determine where they have benefit for learners and can inpact on attainment, and change the learning environment. We want to create two spaces within the school where we can experiment with these technologies.

One would be a classroom space, that could be used by any teacher, with furniture and technologies designed to make the learning space more flexible.

The other would the Learning Resource Centre, making it a more flexible space that can accomodate the needs of the 21st Century Learner. How does this overcome those barriers? Money - Outfitting two spaces is clearly cheaper than kitting out the whole school.

By using our links with the other schools in the Swindon Ten we can also generate some economies of scale.

If we allow other schools to access the new spaces and act as a showroom for the manufacturers we can negotiate a discount. Staff

having a dedicated flexible learning space
at the school allows staff to experience and experiment with the resources in the room. Evidence
By giving staff the opportunity to work with new technologies would allow Churchfields to build an evidence base of what works:
across the whole school
for a particular faculty
for a specific subject
for an individual teacher
whuch allows the school and the governing body the chance to budget for which technologies to invest in and how widely to roll them out. And the RM account manager for Swindon is an ex-Churchfields pupil and wants to help us out Bonus! So what would a flexible learning space look like?

What would be in it?

Has anyone already got a similar space? The University of Westminster have a Learning Futures room.

It features:
Furniture that can easily be moved and rearranged for group work
Easily removable partitions to create and divide space as necessary
Intuitive IT that can be centrally or remotely controlled
White-board wallpaper to allow easy brainstorming space
Laptop trolleys to avoid the need for static IT suites It's so new, I can't get a picture of it!

But here is some of the stuff that is in it... Multi-use furntiure Whiteboard Wallpaper Allows brainstorming, presentations and
group work to take place all over the room. Flexible furniture Designed to be easily moved with just one hand, these tables are meant to be moved around the room with the pupils whenever they split into doing group activities.
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