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The Evolution of the Cotton Gin

No description

Tucker Bush

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of The Evolution of the Cotton Gin

The Modern Cotton Gin
The modern cotton gin isnt that much different from the original. Both of the gins work the same except the modern cotton gin is faster and cleans more effieciently. The modern cotton gin can clean 55 bales per hour nd a bale is 500 pounds. In a day the modern cotton gin can clean 900 bales.
The origin of the cotton gin
The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney. Some Historians believe that a woman name Catherine Greene was a collaborator with Whitney on this invention.
The Evolution of the Cotton Gin
The Cotton Gin
The cotton gin(short for engine) is a machine that separates the cotton fiber from the seeds.
How it works
Cotton was run through a wooden drum embedded with a series of hooks that caught the fibers and dragged them through a fine mesh. The mesh was too fine for the seeds to pass through but the fibers did just fine.
Fun Facts
- The cotton gin uses computers
- the cotton goes in a 16 inch tube in the cotton gin to dry.
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