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How Humans Effect Our Ecosystem In Positive And Negative Way

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chanelle smoke

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of How Humans Effect Our Ecosystem In Positive And Negative Way

How humans effect the ecosystem in a negative way.
Human impact on the ecosystem is something done by humans and gives the affect at the ecosystem like chopping down forests,and cars burning off greenhouse gases.Humans can effect the ecosystem in a negative way ,by pollution, waste dumping, over hunting of animals,over fishing,industrial gases,energy use and not using biodegradable products.
Air pollution
Most of the time when you hear pollution being talked about you immediatly think of air pollution because it is the most commonly known form of pollution. Air pollution is caused by cars,factories and different types of gases.That causes the greenhouse effect.
How Humans Effect Our Ecosystem In Positive And Negative Ways
What's an ecosystem?
How humans affect our ecosystem in a good way
An ecosystem is ... Eco means life.
An ecosystem is a community of plants, animals and smaller organisms that live, feed,reproduce and interact in the same area of environment.
How can we Effect the ecosystem in a positive way?
Humans can affect an ecosystem in many complex ways. Some examples include addition nutrients
How humans effect our ecosystem in a positive way.
People can plant trees,clean rivers or pick up trash.Recycling can help by not producing as much waste. Or you could buy reusable bags and bottles.


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By Chanelle Smoke
Thank you
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