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Schooled By Gordon Korman

No description

Marcus M

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Schooled By Gordon Korman

Intro/ Stetting Tittle: The tittle of the book I read was Schooled Author: Gordon Korman Genre: Realistic fiction Setting: The setting of the book was mainly at Claverage middle School, a down graded C average middle school by the students. The time of the book was roughly near the year 2007 and was a place where it was all about the popular kids until Capricorn Anderson (the main character) came to change the perspectives of many. The author choose this setting because it would describe many middle schools correctly and it would appeal to kids in grade 6 -8 Characters Capricorn Anderson is the main character in the book (sometimes called Cap). He has long blonde flyaway hair that is stretched all the way to his mid back. His clothes looked like homemade pajamas, and his shoes were something that came out of the pioneer days. They were sandals woven out of corn-husks that rustled every time he moved. Capricorn had a very nice calm personality and one thing about Cap was, you couldn't get him to react. Caps character traits were more book smart than street smart, he was brave, honest, and innocent One good character trait of Capricorn was that he is brave. In the book Caps bus driver had a heart attack and all the kids lives were in danger. No one in the bus could drive except for Cap. He quickly jumped up and started driving the bus while getting directions from a girl named Naomi. One bad character trait of Capricorn was that he's not very street smart and not very experienced out side of Garland Farm. When he arrived at Calverage Middle School the kids could say/ would say anything they wanted to cap and he would believe it was true. Cap would also think whatever the students asked of him he was supposed to ask Mr. Casigi for it. (people would ask Cap for things cause they elected him grade 8 president) Plot This book is all about a teen named Capricorn Anderson. Capricorn was a hippie who had lived in a commune named Garland. Capricorn was home schooled by his grandmother Rain. Cap and Rain had been the last two at Garland since caps mom and dad died protesting in what they had believed in. One day Rain had fell out of a tree picking plums and had to go to do physiotherapy for 6 months. Cap had no teacher and no one to watch him at Garland, so he was forced to live in the community with a family friend Mrs. Donnelly and her daughter Sophie. All the problems were settled except for Caps schooling. Since Mrs. Donnelly wasn't a teacher, Cap had to go to a middle school like every other 13 year old kid in the community. When Cap arrived at the middle school, he and another boy Hugh Winklemen were the two to be nominated grade 8 president. (Being grade 8 president was not a gift or an accomplishment) Since the "cool kids" got to decide who got nominated they decided to pick Cap, who they thought was the biggest doofus in school. As grade 8 president Cap had to deal with the biggest and dumbest demands by the people. But what Cap didn't understand was that all the demands were fiction and all they were trying to do was make Cap go insane like the other grade 8 presidents in the past. Later on Cap had gained many followers. Even though the principal found out about Cap throwing the schools money away for the dance-a-thon, the students stilled loved him. The main reason people started to follow and enjoy Caps presents was because he wasn't reacting to all the gimmicks people where trying to pull on him. So if the people couldn't beat him, they joined him and this made the school bully/ school hot shot Zach Powers very mad. Plot The goal cap wanted to accomplish when he arrived at Claverage Middle school and got nominated grade 8 president was to try to learn everyone's names. It sounds weird but the students had led Cap to believe that as grade 8 president you are supposed to learn everyone's names. There wasn't really a person working against Cap but himself. If he didn't want to accomplish this goal, he could of just left Claverage and go back to Garland whenever Rain got healthy. In the book the main climax was when Rain got healthy again and Cap could go back to garland. This was the climax because if Cap would of left, he would of left everything behind him ( T ans T, his new friends, the dance a-thon he was incharge of, etc) Cap decided to leave but also returned when every other student thought he was dead. Csp didn't stay for the rest of the year but said goodbye to every student individualy. Theme The message of this book was about bullying and how it can affect a person. Another message is, if you take risks it can lead to a happier future. The author describes this message by including it in Sophie and her mom's conversation. "At Claverage Middle school there is a tradition to pick the biggest dork and elect them grade 8 president". By picking the biggest dork and electing them grade 8 president" The author also includes it in one of Zach Powers’s chapter "This was my year. And as the coolest grade 8 in the school i was able to pick the biggest dork and elect them president". This can lead to bullying because while that person is president the rest of the student body gets to pick on them and pull pranks on them through the year until they go crazy. I can connect to taking risks because it reminds me of flipping cards. In life you’re always going to flip cards and take risks but it will end the way you want things to end. Connection At the end of the book Rain sells Garland and Cap was now moving back in with the Donnelly’s. It went against their believes but the author wanted you to learn that taking risks in life can lead to a happier future. End of the book Review This book did hold my interest at times. I mainly found it interesting while reading Cap and Zach's chapters. This was interesting to me because I found most of the action was taking place in there chapters. The authors writing style in this book in my opinion was great! I ecpectialy liked how the author would put the characters name as the chapter and talk about what happened through that character. Even though it went from opinion to opinion I liked how you would have to puzzle it together after every couple chapters. If i had to recommend this book to a pacific audience, i would recommend this book to ages 10-14. It was fairly easy to read but also had some parts in the book where they had been talking about Cap and his love for Sophie Donelly (Mrs Donellys' daughter) Thanks for listening/ watching my prezi!
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