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Preferred Name Training

UNH Preferred Name Initiative, August 2015


on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Preferred Name Training

Benefits of Preferred Name Change for Trans Students
Preferred Name Protocol
University of New Hampshire
For More Information
Additional Resources

What is the Preferred Name Protocol?
Where will preferred name be used on campus?
Benefits of
Preferred Name Change
for International Students

What does this change mean?
History of Preferred Name Change
Why is this change important?
Places where Preferred Name will be used
Housing & Residential Life
Clockwork (Disability Student Services)
Degree Audit Reporting System
Webcat's Student Academic Transcript
Library Sign-out Process
Facilities Self-Service
Computer Labs/Clusters
Accounts Management System
0365 Services
Directory Listing
(unless they've chosen FERPA Exclusion)
Student ID
(complete online form to request new ID) https://www.unh.edu/dining/preferred-name
Places where Only Legal Name is used
How can students access the preferred name option?
Insert Tech Video Walkthrough here
What you should know...
If students change their preferred name on their Student ID, this is NOT a legal name change, which hinders their ability to use the Student ID for identification purposes (e.g., voting, job application).
Can choose an Anglicized name that they identify with other than that given at birth
Won't be confused as easily with students who have similar names
Are less likely to be embarrassed when their name is pronounced incorrectly
Since some names are not gender specific, it may reduce confusion when translating to English
Student Accounts
Official Transcripts
Health Insurance
Financial Aid
Student Hiring Process (i.e., work study or student hourly)
Hometown Newspaper Announcements
Immigration Documents from the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS)
Official University Correspondence
(e.g., letters sent to parents/guardians)
Responses to Enrollment Inquiries
(e.g., verification requests, unless they've chosen FERPA Exclusion)
Additional campus offices and programs or departments may offer internal preferred name options.
(e.g., OMSA: Office of Multicultural Student Affairs)
"[Mary] was given by my first English teacher...And I like it a lot!!
Also, people here cannot pronounce [Mengjie] correctly since we have tones*."

-UNH Student
UNH recognizes that many students might prefer this option to identify themselves and choose to "opt in."
...may change name for gender identity and expression, sense of safety, access to social connections
, etc.
Trans Students
: Trans = umbrella term that describes individuals who may identify as transgender and/or gender non-conforming/expansive.
...may choose Anglicized (i.e., English) name to avoid difficulties with pronunciation & confusion with other students who have similar names, for belonging & community connections at UNH, etc.
History in the Making in 2009:
University of Vermont was the first to implement the Preferred Name Change Option
Office of Community, Equity, & Diversity
Transgender Policy & Climate Commitee
Office of International Students &
Registrar's Office
Information Technology
Preferred Name Change
*There are 4 tones of the spoken Mandarin language that are used to clarify the meanings of words, and are an essential part of proper pronunciation.
"The reason why I use [Jan] instead of [Yue] is that most American people cannot pronounce [Yue] correctly...For example, one of my professors did not like to call my English name, and she always called me [Yue], which sounded like "you." So, at the beginning, when she called me to answer questions, I always kept taking my class notes. When she called me many times, I realized that "you" is me." -UNH Student
Keith wants to use their preferred name, "Kelly"
Mengjie prefers
the name, "Mary"
"Being able to alter their records & documents is personally & legally important for many transgender students ... [to] reflect & validate their identity, but it can also allow them to avoid constantly having to explain why they use a name different from their birth name and why their appearance does not match a photo or gender designation ... can ensure that transgender students will not be outed and will help protect them from discrimination when they apply for jobs, seek admission to graduate & professional schools ..."
Retrieved on 7/9/15 from the Transgender Law & Policy Institute, http://www.transgenderlaw.org/index.htm
"...that [legal] name just simply isn't me. It can be uncomfortable, complicated, and just plain painful when I am trying express who I am ... being able to have my legal name out of the equation infinitely improves my comfort and allows people to see me for who I am."
-UNH Student
May feel more connected to their internal gender identity
May also feel more confident about their external gender expression
Are less likely to be misgendered and/or misnamed, which can be triggering & emotionally stressful.
May experience less fear or ambivalence about being misgendered & misnamed in ambiguous situations (e.g., in a classroom or residence hall setting)
"Often times your name is the first thing people learn about you ... first time they make an impression of you. When you're forced to give the wrong name, it hurts, it feels like you're betraying a piece of your identity. To be able to use your preferred name ... is really important in feeling confident and comfortable with who you are." -UNH Student
“As an alum … it would have made my time at UNH so much easier. It was extremely difficult for me to explain my preferred name to faculty. Always on the first day of class I would be called the wrong name, and I would have to explain myself in front of my classmates or risk them calling me the wrong name ... Having the preferred name option would have protected me from a lot of embarrassment and shame while I was a student, so I’m incredibly glad to hear that it’s an option now."
- UNH Student

“Probably the worst part is the first weeks of school when none of my professors know me and then I have to explain myself and who I am to them in order to get them to call me by the proper name, accept my homework, etc. It would be one less thing for me to feel awkward about, and really wouldn't hurt my confidence in the classroom either.” -UNH Student
Add Name: Jane added the preferred name, Mary.
Replace Name: Kelly, whose legal name may still be Keith, used their preferred name, Kelly.
UNH Use Only - cannot be used for:
A job application
Immigration documents
Driver's license / car ownership
Passport or State Identification card
Renting apartments / off-campus housing (i.e., lease applications)
Legal / Law enforcement paperwork (e.g., UNHPD)
Voter Identification
Hospital admittance
2. Click "Display/Update Preferred First Name"
3. Enter Preferred First Name
5. Click "Update" to Save
SUCCESS!! You have indicated a Preferred Name!
Computer/Technology Issues:
IT Help Desk (862-4242)
Note: If your preferred name is not being used/displaying somewhere you feel it should be based on the information provided in this presentation, you can request that it be changed in that location by submitting this form: https://itsupport.unh.edu/preferredname/
Other Preferred Name-Related Concerns, Questions, and/or Feedback:
Office of Community, Equity, & Diversity (CED, 862-1058)
Information About Where Preferred Name Will and Will Not Be Used:
To Update Student ID:
Complete online form at https://www.unh.edu/dining/preferred-name
Additional Support & Resources for International Students:
Office of International Students & Scholars (862-1288)
Additional Support & Resources for Transgender Students:
Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (862-5053 or 862-5204)
Note: In all quotes used in this presentation, actual legal and preferred names were not used to protect the privacy of the UNH students who shared their thoughts about the preferred name protocol.
1. Login to Webcat and Click on the "Personal Information" Tab
2. Click "Display/Update Preferred First Name"
3. Enter preferred first name
Please check your volume. This training has audio!
Please self-advance using the Left & Right arrows below.
*Note: If you press the "Play" button you may
have enough time to review certain frames.
If you expand to Full Screen, Click "Allow" for keyboard controls.
When preferred name is used,
Trans students ...

When preferred name is used,
International Students ...
NOTE: The Preferred Name option is a recent adaptation within the UNH system. Though the individuals who worked on the launch of this option attempted to proactively address technological and/or practical concerns, there is the possibility of unanticipated glitches or difficulties.

Computer/Technology Concerns
: If you encounter IT-related challenges with the preferred name option within the UNH system, please notify the IT Help Desk ASAP at 862-4242 so the concern can be examined further.

Other Preferred Name-Related Concerns
: If you have other questions, concerns, and/or feedback, please contact the Community, Equity, & Diversity Office (CED) at 862-1058.

Class Rosters
Advisee Lists
Wildcat Email
Grade Reports
Wildcat Advising
Wildcat Careers
Counseling Center
Health Services
DSS: Disability Student Services
OISS: Office of International Students & Scholars
Granite Square State Mailroom
IT Service Desk
ATSC: Academic Technology Support Center
Places where Preferred Name is an Option
In Addition
to Legal Name
4. Select usage of preferred name
"Always substitute" =

Ted instead of Theodore
"Always use both" =

Theodore (Ted)
5. Click "Update" to save changes
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