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Johanna Dong

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by me. Shreya and her Sidekicks Part 1 Shreya was a nice, if not innocent, teenager who had an obsessive crush on a celebrity named Leo Howard. They had met only once before, but ever since that incident (which involved a candy bar, a cage, and some poison) both had realized they were crazily in love with each other. One day, Shreya and Leo decided to meet in secret, so that the evil witch Enidan would not find out, because Enidan was always jealous of Shreya's brilliance in science and mathematics. Part 2 Shreya told her sidekicks about this meeting, and they agreed to guard the area in case Enidan found out. And who were these beautiful sidekicks? They were Johanna and the love of her life SDM, Kate and the love of her life Caramel, Sabrina and the love of her life Luigi, the ever-gorgeous and talented Eddie Redmayne, and Harry Styles. And Shreya's dog Kudos. At the time of the meeting, they spread around outside Shreya's house and did their best to stay on watch. Part 3 Little did they know that Enidan had planted a microchip in Kudos' collar, and now knew about the meeting. She burst into the house just when Shreya and Leo were about to do something very naughty and grabbed Leo, laughing evilly as she exited the house. But just as she was flying out the window on her broomstick, the brave Eddie Redmayne tackled her and was able to pull off Enidan's necklace. Part 4 Enidan pushed Eddie off and flew away just as all the other sidekicks came in, but Eddie still had the necklace. In his sexy British accent, he read out the address engraved on the necklace: "69699 Evil Witch Boulevard, Hotguytopia"
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