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'Globalisation Effects on Lifestyle and Health'

No description

Waddah Mortada

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of 'Globalisation Effects on Lifestyle and Health'

'Tobacco Industries & Global Economy'
Important for Global Economy:
'Tobacco Industries'
Public Health
its Effect on Lifestyle

Tobacco global market is £450 -–500 billion. (BAT, 2013)

One billion smoker and 5.5 trillion cigarettes. (The telegraph, 2011)

£150 billion as taxes. (BAT, 2013)

Nearly two million people. (WHO, n.d)
Public Health!

Number 'ONE' case of death worldwide.

5.4 million people DIE annually.

Over 600 thousands of people will DIE "Negative Smoker".

More than quarter of them are kids. (CDC, 2011)
[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]
[World Health Organization]
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011)
'Economy Cost!'
The direct medical cost of
treating tobacco-related illnesses:
Canada $1.6 billion.
United Kingdom $2.25 billion.
China $3.5 billion.
Australia $6 billion.
Germany $14.7 billion.
United State of America $76 billion.
The indirect cost
(cost of fires caused by smoking):
Worldwide 2000, (300,000) people killed by fire
& the total cost was $27 billion.
China 1987, world’s worst forest fire
(300) people were killed,
(5,000) people made homeless
& 1.3 million hectares of lands destroyed.

(World Health Organization, n.d)
British American Tobacco (2013) Industry trends. Available at:
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