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Subliminal Advertising and Product Placement

No description

Lars Worthington

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Subliminal Advertising and Product Placement

Embedded Ad In every single episode of American Idol the judges give their opinions on the performace of each contestant. Now, when the camera zooms in on the judges every episode what do you see? A tall coca-cola glass in front of each one. Embedded Ad In this episode of House, one of FOX's most popular shows, the quirky doctor is speaking to a colleage at his desk. What does the viewer see? A sleek looking Macbook Embedded Ad In the popular movie Wayne's World, there is a scene in which they make fun of product placements. Along with several other products Wayne holds up a big old Pizza Hut box. Subliminal Ad In this movie cover for The Little Mermaid Atlantis is shown in the background. Apparently in Atlantis there is a building that looks an awful lot like a human penis as indicated by the circle. Subliminal Ad In this scene from Disney's, The Lion King, there is an odd star formation in the sky. I couldn't see anything intially but after it was pointed out the stars do appear to be disguising the word sex. Subliminal Ad In this Disney movie (I forget the name) you can clearly see a poster of a topless woman in the background. I watched a video of this scene and the poster is not added in, that is actually in the movie for a split second. Thanks For Watching!!
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