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Copy of Jim Dine

No description

debi Cox

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Jim Dine

Jim Dine
1935 ...
Artwork inspired by popular culture. Looked like the advertising and the actual products or labels.
Combine or Assemblage:
Artwork that combines painting, drawing, and sculpture
Andy Warhol
Claes Oldenburg
Floor Cake
Marilyn Monroe
Five Feet of Colorful Tools
Mixed MediumTechniques
Mixed Media
Artwork that combines several different MEDIA
Pop Art Tools
The End
1. Before the arrival of Pop art, what kind of art dominated the art world?
1. Before pop ART,
Abstract Expressionism dominated the art world. Abstract Expressionist paintings were nonrepresentational
2. What did the Pop artists choose as their new subject matter?
3. How did Andy Warhol present everyday manufactured objects in his work?
2. Pop ART and Warhol said a campbells soup was art?!
created enlarged images of everyday products.

He painted Coke bottles, movie stars, and soup cans.

He painted them the way in which the media presented them in ads.
Oldenburg created giant sculptures of ketchup bottles, ham burgers, cake.
3. How did Jim Dine present everyday objects in his work?
They mix optically to look like grass to activate the space between the object and the painting, involving the viewer in the work
6. What is the relationship between positive forms and negative shapes in Five Feet of Colorful Tools?
Dine spray painted each tool a primary color, leaving a blank negative space behind on the canvas.

Then rearranged the tools so their positive shapes would contrast with the negative afterimages.

The two areas are connected visually by shadows, spray paint, and drips of color.
8. How does Child’s Blue Wall physically involve the viewer in Dine’s childhood memories?
The work’s scale – occupying nearly an entire wall and

the use of real objects, such as a light switch and a lamp, invite the viewer into the world of Dine’s childhood memories.
9. How does Dine symbolize his own identity in Palette (Self-Portrait no. 1)?
Painted images of an empty bathrobe and an artist’s palette represent Dine in this composition. A real watch, a bicycle chain, and wires symbolically link the artist with his art.
-Watercolor paints
-Chalk Pastels
5. How do the strokes of paint function in Dine’s combine painting Lawn Mower?
Dine chose objects with personal meanings that often related to his childhood memories or symbolized his identity as an artist.
POP ARTIST of 1960's
But why tools?
Jim Dine was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1935.

When he was 12, his Mother died and he was sent to live with grandpa and worked at his hardware store
Dine said, "more than popular images, Im interested in persoanl images".
known for his art depicting ordinary objects
Instead of just reproducing their images, he often included the actual objects in his
abstract, non representational, mostly admired by art critics, and serious art lovers. It didn't appeal the the average person. Pop Art Was a reaction to the status quoa.
7. How is light represented in Child's blue Wall?
Light of lamp, false light of cartoon stars, and gallery lights.
Self Portraits?
If you had to pick and object to represent yourself (no words),
what might it be?
Jackson Pollock
Pop-art reflected the social values and environment of the times. Using imagery with strong visual impact, Pop-art was "the" post-war expression of a world wholly preoccupied with the pursuit of materialism, and celebrity.
What impact on society does Jim Dine have?

He helped usher in a new are style, POP ART which is still being imulated today. In fact we will be creating pop art style self portraits

Dine also used combinations of different media in the same pieces which opened up new opportunities and affected artists of the day.
Compare and contrast
Jim Dine's art and other Pop Artists.
Popular products
flat looking and stylized like ads
Personal items
modeling to show depth
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