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death of walter scott

No description

dawayne cooper

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of death of walter scott

no right
the protesters started to chant no peace, no justice. one cause black lives matter and
the fall out
when the police found out what really happen. Micheal Sager was pushiness for what he did .he was lock away and couldn't pay for he's wife
after that video that came out protesters started to speak their minds and chant .when they saw that video of Micheal
Micheal had shot and still capture Scott even if he was dieing . just sham him to the ground and seem like it look like he being the bad guy
Walter Scott
Walter Scott was just a fifty-year old man until Micheal shot him down for no reason
death of Walter Scott
date 4- 10 -15
the big lie by the cop
Micheal Thomas make up a story that wasn't true. say that Scott took his teaser but, this cop has lie and he going to pay the price
a guy who was shoot for no reason
and the cop that did this was Michael
forth and fifth period
by dawayne cooper
the big truth
their was a person who record the whole thing in the bushes. it show the really story that happen not the fake one. then the video was out and lots of people didn't like it
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