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Honeywell Presentation

by ShareAll


on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Honeywell Presentation


in sales
sales outside U.S.
1.300 sites, 70 countries
132.000 employees
Morristown, NJ
Fortune 500
40+ AIDC Sites

Broadest AIDC Portfolio with 200+ Products

IP Depth with
1,500+ AIDC Patents

Focused on being
#1 and #2
in all our Market Segments

Dedicated Employees

Coverage with 3,300+ Partners

Spent $2.2B in
Acquisition Investments

Connected Shopper
1.5 billion smartphones in use & increasing.

Online retail
represents 8% of all shopping.
* By 2020, online sales are forecast to be USD500 billion or 20 percent of nonfood retail sales. (IBM retail Trends)
Online Competiton
Amazon, Google Wallet, Groupon, etc

(Displacing the traditional retailers )
Customers expect
Shopping experience

Real-Time traceability
85% of people want to know exactly
when their online purchase arrives.

(*Survey reveals UK Online Consumers Expect Three-Hour Delivery Window)
Lack of

distribution chain transparency

Connected & empowered

Socially connected

Promiscuous. Less Brand Loyal

Well informed

Impatient. Time Poor.
I want it NOW!

Rise of Shopping on Mobile devices

Inventory management
Honeywell Solution
Price management
& Markdowns
Order Picking and Staging
Store Transfers
Voice/VoIP/Push to talk
Line/Queue Busting
Receiving & Returns
Security Monitoring-video
Employee Training
Guided Selling
Inventory Counts
Price Labeling / Markdown
Fresh Item Management

Store Operations
Inventory unknown or inaccurate
Product not located in the right place
Over Stock in order to prevent Out of Stock
Out of Date issues

Reduced Shrinkage
Speed on Goods Receiving and Returns, products ready to be sold
Accuracy of inventory - reduce out of stocks by up to 80%
Improve workflow accuracy
Stock optimized, reduced cost of operation

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