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water cycle

No description

sammy cline

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of water cycle

Evaporation -is the process in which the sun heats up the water in the oceans,lakes or rivers then converting it into vapor or steam. Condensation -condensation is the process by which the water changes from a gas to a liquid, forming little water droplets then forming a cloud Percipitation -percipiation is any form of water that falls to the earth's surface. Different types of percipiaton includs hail,snow.or rain. Percipiation is impartant because it includs the atmosphrioc blance. Infilteration -infilteration is the process by which the water on the ground enters the soil. Surface Runoff -over flow of extra water #1 -the sun heats up the ocean's water. #2 -the ocean's water evaporates and rises into the air. #3 -the water vapor comes together to make a little drop, which then forms a cloud. #4 -if enough water vapor comes together to form a drop, the drop becomes heavy enough to fall to the ground as rain or snow. #5 -some rain then collects into groungwells, and The rest of the water flows through the rivers and back into the ocean. Like this The 5 steps on how a water cycle works
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