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Creating an online CV

No description

Elizabeth Cornish

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Creating an online CV

Creating an Online CV Top Tips:
Be consistent - use the same dates across all sites
Start with a paper CV and build your online CV from that
Add links to your other sites or social media
Update your profiles regularly Click on the links to see examples of online blog CV's that have made use of a range of pages and media:


Think about how they have presented their CV, the content and what marketing campaigns they have used to get noticed. Video Cv's give you the opportunity to get your personality across, which you can't do as easily on paper. Visual CV Embed pictures, videos, links, graphs, audio and powerpoints to create a visual CV which you can send to employers.
Turn your Facebook page into a career tool by posting sections of your CV in the banner, and pictures.

For full details and instructions:
Your LinkeIdN profile is essentially an online CV. Follow the simple steps to upload your personal details, qualifications and experience and you can start using it to find jobs straight away.

You can easily create a page on your google profile to act as your CV.

This will also put you high up on any google searches, meaning that any information you don't want employers to see will be pushed down. Meet The Real Me is a website that allows you to construct a video CV around 3 questions. It limits you to recording three videos of 45 second videos each, forcing you to be clear and concise. Top Tip: Don't just read out your CV. Make it interesting by telling a story and using examples that highlight your strengths and USP. Video CV Blogs/websites What is an online CV? It is a digital portfolio/Curriculum Vitae, that you can promote online in any of a number of formats including:
Social Media
Blog/ Website
Combination Blogs make great online CV's because they are so versatile and you can include different pages concentrating on different things. LinkedIN Facebook CV Google+ Social Media CV They are normally used by candidates looking for jobs in media related industries including PR, events management and web development, but they are becoming more and more popular across other industries too. A blog CV allows you to add as many pages as you like, instead of just 1 or 2 like a paper CV. This allows you to break up the information into manageable chunks. Victor Petit used a QR code creatively on his CV, so that when employers scanned the code, they were directed to a video of him talking in more detail about his experiences.
http://mikefreeman.myshopify.com/products/meeting-with-freeman Online Shop CV Mike Freeman set up a web CV with an online shop built in so that employers could book in to meet him. Visit Mike Freeman's website for a closer look:
You could have individual pages containing:

Contact information
Why you want the job
Voluntary work
Clubs and Societies
Publications and projects How do you write a good CV? Watch the video on how to write a good paper CV. Most of the comments apply to writing an online CV, but with an online CV you do have the option of being more creative, so you can use pictures and videos. You also have more space. What do employers look for on your CV? One of the most famous online CV's is www.dealisarudgers.com. It gained national press coverage in the United States for the innovation and marketing campaign behind it. You record videos on the following topics:
About you: Talk about you - what you like to do outside work or study and what you get out of it.
About your work experience and qualifications: Talk about your experience so far, or if you're just starting a career tell us about your qualifications and any jobs you had while studying.
The real you: Time to show off, why should someone employ you? To create your own Video CV, sign up to Meet the Real Me:
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