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Characteristics of Hinduism

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tyler elizabeth bell

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Characteristics of Hinduism

Characteristics of Hinduism

A Hindu son once asked his father what Brahman meant. To illustrate this, his father told him to bring water in a bowl and salt. The son put the salt in the water. After they had waited for a day, the son was instructed to taste the water. It was just as salty on the bottom of the bowl as on the surface and sides. "Brahman is like the salt in the water." the father said. "It is invisible, but everywhere."
Hindu Deities
There are 330 million
(or Gods) in the Hindu religion.
Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world today.
Hinduism is the world's third largest religion.
Hinduism originated in India.
Most of the world's Hindus live in South-East Asia, especially in India.
Hinduism has no founder, no central authority, no single scripture, and no defining statement of faith.
The word Hindu was created by early travelers.
Hindu Schools
Hindu philosophy is divided into six schools of thought. These six schools of thought look to the Vedas as the overarching scriptures.
By: Lulu Holtz, Noah Carroll, and Tyler Elizabeth Bell
Hindu worship is a process
structured in chapters.
Worshiping deities comes
into practice in chapter 3.
The picture to the left are Hindu
Hindu dolls
are visual
representations of the Deities.

During Hindu worship, Gods
are called
, and Goddesses are called
Some schools teach that a God will occasionally come down to Earth, and help people who need enlightenment and salvation.
The 6 schools of thought are:
1. Samkhya
2. Yoga
3. Nyaya
4. Vaisheshika
5. Mimamasa
6. Vedanta
a major religious and cultural tradition of South Asia, developed from Vedic religion.
Why do Hindus worship
more than one God?

"There are many gods, because we seek many things, follow many leads. But ultimately the source of all the gods is the one godhead...The dimensions of Hinduism which lead to the greater dimension...from the known to the unknown."
- Anonymous
A Hindu Worship Service:
1. Chanting Mantras

2. Evoking the Fire God

3. Prayer

4. Purification

5. The Final Ritual
The Order Of Worship:
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