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(18) Athen's Golden Age

No description

Mrs. Aiello

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of (18) Athen's Golden Age

Athens Golden Age
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The Parthenon, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design, made from ivory, gold, and marble-- this temple built to honor Athena contained

Within the Parthenon stood a giant statue (38 ft tall) of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and the protector of Athens.

Examples of Greek art that set standards for future generations of artists around the world

Phidias-- a famous sculptor and other sculptors during this golden age aimed to create figures that were graceful, strong, and perfectly formed.

Their faces showed neither laughter nor anger, only serenity. Greek sculptors also tried to capture the grace of the idealized human body in motion.

Their values of order, balance, and proportion became the standard of what is called classical art.
Greek Olympics
Athenian Democracy vs.
The Arts
A wise and able statesman named Pericles led Athens during its golden age.

Honest and fair, Pericles held onto popular support for 32 years.

He was a skillful politician, an inspiring speaker, and a respected general.

He so dominated the life of Athens from 461 to 429 B.C. that this period often is called the Age of Pericles.

He had three goals:
(1) to strengthen Athenian democracy,
(2) to hold and strengthen the empire, and
(3) to glorify Athens.
Pericles 494-429 B.C.E
Golden Age
: a period of great happiness, prosperity, and achievement, an untroubled and prosperous era during which people lived in ideal happiness.
Athens Golden Age
Pericles tried to enlarge the wealth and power of Athens. He used the money from the Delian League’s treasury to build Athens’ 200-ship navy into the strongest in the Mediterranean.

A strong navy was important because it helped Athens strengthen the safety of its empire. It needed overseas trade to obtain supplies of grain and other raw materials.

Pericles also used money from the empire to beautify Athens.
Citizens: male; 18 years old; born of citizen parents
Laws voted on and proposed directly by assembly of all citizens
Leader chosen by lot
Executive branch composed of a council of 500 men
Juries varied in size
No attorneys; no appeals; one-day trials
Citizens: born in United States or completed citizenship process
Representatives elected to propose and vote on laws
Elected president
Executive branch made up of elected and appointed officials
Juries composed of 12 jurors
Defendants and plaintiffs have attorneys; long appeals process
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