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The Knights Templar

No description

Evan Krueger

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar
History of the Templars
The Poor Knights of Christ of the Temple of Solomon (The Knights Templar) were founded in 1118 after Christian fighters captured Jerusalem in the First Crusade

Hugues de Payens, a French knight, founded the order to protect pilgrims headed to the holy land.

In 1129 the Knights Templar received the official endorsement of the Roman Catholic Church
History contd.
At their height, the Knights Templar had many bases across western Europe

They owned the island of Cyprus, had many ships, and were primary lenders to the monarchs of Europe

After Muslims retook Jerusalem in the late 12th century, the Templars moved their main base to Paris
Members of the Knights Templar
There were 3 levels of membership: Knight, Priest, and Serving Brother
Knight: Must be of Noble Birth
Priests: Clergymen, served as chaplains
Serving Brethren: Acted as squires for the Knights
Expectations and Roles
Members were required to speak little, give alms, to be gentle and courteous to the poor and weak, to observe fast days, and to never have anything but a frugal diet

They had long beards

Templars took part in political negotiations, mediated private, financial, and religious disputes, and resolved conflicts between the Papacy and European Monarchs
Fall of the Order
King Philip IV of France resolved to bring down the Templars, perhaps because the they denied him a loan

On October 13, 1307, many Templars were arrested and made to confess to false charges

3 years later, dozens more were burned at the stake

In 1312, Pope Clement V reluctantly dissolved the order
Joining the Knights Templar
In order to join the Templars as a knight, you had to be of noble birth

They dealt with European monarchs and people of power

The Knights Templar were shrouded in secrecy: some even thought they had found the Holy Grail
The Templar Cross
In 1128, Pope Honorious II granted the Knights Templar the right to wear white cloaks for distinction and as a symbol of innocence

Pope Eugene III (1145-1153) instituted that the Templars wear red crosses as a sign of martyrdom
By Evan Krueger
Relation to History
The Knights Templar played a crucial part in medieval European history

They helped protect Jerusalem after it had been captured from Muslims after the first crusade
Individual Thoughts
At the very least, the Knights were
honorable because of the personal sacrifices they had to make

The power and wealth that they amassed in such a relatively short time is also quite impressive
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