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Consumer Behavior

No description

Micalah Wilson

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Consumer Behavior

product price promotion place Clinique face lotion $24.00 with a free gift with purchase gift with purchase advertised in store
repeat customers are aware of promotion timing mid - high end department stores, online Clinique face lotion Clinique face lotion product price promotion place Boru Vodka - Irish Vodka $25.00 / on sale for $18.00 sale price Pearl Specialty Market & Spirits To Blackberry or not to blackberry... Price
$50.00 with a 2 year
contract renewal
$150.00 mail-in
rebate Product Branding: A person in my
line of work, who I also looked up
to already owned one.

Had all the applications I wanted
already installed.

I liked the navigation and size, shape
and keyboard. (user friendly) Place Sprint store, my current

With my mother, in my
hometown. (I got mine at Macy's) Consumer Behavior Laura Goodman
Micalah Wilson
Laurie George
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