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Getting to know Talis Aspire - training session for academics, including hands on.

Sociology and Communications

Sarah Wolfenden

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Getting to know Talis Aspire - training session for academics, including hands on.

Getting to know
Talis Aspire.

Identify reasons and ethos behind using it
Find resources for your reading lists
Edit your 2013-14 reading list
So...what is it?
Talis Aspire is a simple bookmarking tool to create online reading lists which link your students directly (through Blackboard) to a range of resources, eg books, journals, websites etc.

You can organise your list by topic or week and personalise the list by adding notes to introduce the resource, give instructions or add context.

Why are we doing it?
Submit less paperwork to Q&S
Saves time
Students more likely to read what they need
Streamlines digital readings process
Already in Blackboard

Other Universities who use it:
Oxford Brookes University
City University London
University of Surrey
University of Lincoln
University of Leicester
University Of Hull - The Lawns
University of Glasgow
University College London
Lancaster University Library
King's College London
Edinburgh University Library
Sheffield Hallam University
London School of Economics
University Of Nottingham
The University of West London
University of Kent
Stirling University Library
London South Bank University
Bangor University
University of Warwick
Anglia Ruskin University
Bournemouth University Library
Middlesex University
Coventry University
Harper Adams University College
University of Keele
Liverpool Hope University
Manchester Metropolitan University
Nottingham Trent University
Queen Mary University
Robert Gordon University
University College Falmouth
The University Of Bolton
University of Brighton
UCLan (University of Central Lancashire)
University of Derby
University of Exeter
University of Glamorgan
University of Manchester
University of Northampton
University of Plymouth
University Of Portsmouth
Roehampton University
University of St Andrews
University of Sussex
The University of Winchester

Find the article
Click Favorites
Select Add to my Bookmarks

Bookmark a journal article

Notice the metadata

Click Create
That’s it!

Bookmark a book from Amazon

Find the book
Click Favorites
Select Add to my Bookmarks

Click Create
That’s it!

Notice the metadata

Bookmark a book from the catalogue

Notice the metadata

Click Create
That’s it!

Find the book
Click Favorites
Select Add to my Bookmarks

Finding resources for your list
Now to create and publish...
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