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Encino Town Hall Meeting - Jan 2015

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Encino Town Hall Meeting - Jan 2015



Core Values
To be the Preeminent Sales, Service and Risk Advisory Firm in Los Angeles.

To be the Preeminent Entertainment Brokerage in the World.

Delight the Customer
Empower Employees
Partner Engagement
Production Discipline
Optimize Efficiencies
Ops Update
Town Hall Meeting Agenda
Where are we going and how we're getting there
2014 Results
2015 Plan
Operational Update
Employee Engagement
Reward & Recognition
Core Values
Entrepreneurship - We encourage innovation & educated risk-taking.
Balance - We balance corporate duty with personal growth.
Integrity - We do the right thing every time.
Teamwork - We work together to maximize results.
Discipline - We focus on our goals.
Accountability - We measure and take responsibility for outcomes.
Service - We serve our customers, communities and colleagues.
Employee Engagement
Empower Employees
Employee Engagement

Producer Engagement

Training & Development
"Customer Service"; Job Specific; Business Acumen & Universal Competencies
$18.2mm C&F...5.8% Growth
$3.9mm New Business
18.8% EBITDA
Employee Engagement
Departmental Synergies
EPIC Conversion
Client & Carrier Engagement
Sales Acceleration
Support EB National Strategy
Optimize Efficiencies
Unique Abilities (Division of Labor)
Tools & Resources
Financial Discipline
Process Discipline
Analysis & Reporting
Quality & Compliance
Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
Key Next Steps:
"HPT Training" - High Performance Team Meetings
Office Bulletin Boards
Career Development Guide Training & Meetings
2015 Training Calendar

Other EEC Updates
2015 EEC Goals
Office Art
New Employees
Michelle Boyer - Entertainment VP-Marketing
Tracy Gates - Entertainment CSA
Current Openings
Entertainment CSA
***Don't forget the $3,000 referral bonus
$17.2mm C&F...4% Growth
$1.9mm New Business
17.1% EBITDA
Employee Engagement
Synergy Session with LA
Conversions & Integrations
Entertainment SIP/Practice

Reward & Recognition
Karen Oxman CSQ Magazine
Meka Townsend - Promoted to Entertainment AM
Cathy Kerhulas
Karen Oxman
Peter Tempkins
Brian Colla
.... and the Sales Person of the Quarter is...
Sales Person of the Quarter
Ops Update
EPIC Update
Training has commenced for SME's
Computer based training coming soon!
IT Update
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Avaya Migration 2/11 & 2/12
Executive Liability Unit Update
1099r from Mass Mutual
EB National Strategy & Market Leader Position
Steve Kessler - Claims Leadership
HUB Women
Allianz/FF Update
Service Person of the Quarter Nominees
Allegra Monina
Kevin Tehrani
Olene Williams
Oscar Rivera
Carl Sanders
Meka Townsend
Karen Silverman
Monica Lugue
Service Person of the Quarter
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