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The Magical Life Of Taya Gershenberg

No description

Taya Gershenberg

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of The Magical Life Of Taya Gershenberg

My brother
High school
probably M-A but looking at Mercy and Kehillah
Nickname/origin of name
- from the greek name Thais who traveled with Alexander the king

- some of my friends call me tyty as a nickname
- I love to dance
Birth place and home
Born at Stanford Hospital

I live in Menlo Park
Favorite books and movies
Books - fault in our stars, looking for Alaska, and if i stay

Movies - all different types but not slow movies
Heritage and culture
Heritage - combination of eastern european and middle eastern european jew

The Magical Life Of Taya
When i am older
Favorite sports

I would like to go something to do with animals

Something like animal rescue but not with basic pets
I have a cat and a dog

Dog- Lucie
Cat- Gypsy
Football and Basketball

- favorite two sports to watch
favorite food are tacos

- Tacobell :)))))
My favorite place i have traveled was south Africa

i have traveled to - Colorado, NYC, Nantucket, South Africa, Tahiti, Israel, Ireland, Mexico, Aruba, Spain, Morocco, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Arizona, Indiana, and some other places
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