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Invisible Disabilities

Graduation Project

Taylor LaSalle

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Invisible Disabilities

Invisible Disabilities Never judge a book by its cover. So, what's behind the cover? Thesis Paper Product Reflection Questions Invisible disabilities are the hardest disorders to deal and live with; from school to the home, there are challenges for these children’s entire lives. My brother, Maxim, has FAS which is an invisible disability.
I researched different types of disabilities and common problems that result from them.
I learned more about other disabilities aside from FAS.
Once the cards and outline were finished, writing the research paper was simple. Website: http://invisibledisabilities.webs.com/
My mentor was friendly and very helpful, although we couldn't meet in person very often she helped a lot with showing my product to others.
I think it was a good idea to have a mentor on a product like this for support and to have another person's opinion.
Making the product was time consuming, but relatively simple once all the necessary information was obtained. I would have liked to have more time in order to do more with the product.
The due dates were clear and went smoothly.
It was easy to write about something that was important to me.
I learned more about different invisible disabilities and it made me realize that anyone could have something affecting them that you do not know about/cannot see.
I would recommend others to manage their time wisely.
This project was a good opportunity to help people and learn about something that interests me, so I would recommend others to choose a topic that they will be interested in, have some previous knowledge about, and that will allow them to help others in some way. By: Taylor LaSalle Research Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)- caused by mother drinking alcohol while pregnant.
Learning Disabilities- Dysgraphia: difficulties with writing, dyscalculia, dyslexia.
Behavioral Issues
Sensory Issues
Attachment Disorders
Speech and language Disabilities Visible Disabilities vs. Invisible Disabilities
While visible disabilities are obviously hard to deal with, invisible disabilities are worse because on top of having the disability, they also have to prove and explain themselves to people in order to get the help they need. Bullying
Getting others to believe
Self-esteem source: uywvker.servebbs.com
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