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My Personal Project

No description

Nancy Pateqi

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of My Personal Project

My Personal Project
Defining the Goal
Inquiry Question: How might a cookbook enable people to learn different baking techniques?

Before this project I'd only made basic recipes using a box mix, which requires almost no skill, so I wanted to pursue baking and learn to make more complex recipes that looked and tasted good.
I also chose this project because I had the chance to format and organize a cookbook, and I really like to work towards the goal of a finished product.
I also really liked the idea of creating a cookbook because I like to work with formatting and editing as well as take pictures, and I could combine these to present my recipes in a way that was appealing visually.

I chose Approaches to Learning as the area of interaction because this would be a learning experience for me as I learned more about baking, and also because my final product would allow people to learn baking skills as well, through the directions of the recipe.

-Instruction will be concise and easy to follow.
-High quality photographs will illustrate recipes.
-Book will look neat and visually appealing.
-Recipes will have no grammar or spelling errors.
- Book will contain at least twelve recipes.
Selection of Sources

First, I obviously had to choose sources that provided different recipes I could make to include in the cookbook. I found reliable baking websites and blogs that gave me information about different recipes and how to make them. Some of the websites I used were verybestbaking.com and bakingmad.com, which both had lots of recipes to chose from.

I also had many sources that had useful photography tips. One of the articles I had was called "Food Photography Basics," and another acticle was called "Ten Household Items that Can Improve Your Food Photos" which had a bunch of creative ways to make your photos better. These helped with composition, which is styling the subject of your photo, and had tips on making it look professional.
Application of Information
I made twelve recipes for the book and through making them I applied the techniques I had learned by reading the recipe. These included things from skillfuly icing cupcakes to the best mixing methods for combining ingredients.

When taking pictures of what I made, I used the tips I had learned and one of them was to make use of natural lighting. I only took pictures in the early afternoon at the latest, to ensure best photo quality, because artificial light produces really grainy pictures and harsh shadows. I also learned about photo editing, I edited a lot of my pictures and really improved them.

Achieving the Goal
I've completed putting the book together and have ordered it, so I'm only waiting on it to ship. It should come in sometime this week.

Assessing my final product, I have met all of my specifications.
The book is neat and steps are pretty easy to follow. I met the recipe requirement and have twelve baking recipes in the book. I have proofread the book and have made sure spelling and grammar is correct, and included a photo for each recipe.

The book has a really nice overall color theme and layout, and since the book is still shipping you can see it in June during the exhibition.
Reflect on Learning
I have learned a lot about baking throughout the course of this project. At the start I wasn't a very good baker but have become more experienced through having made more complex recipes that required techniques I had not used before.
I have also improved in my photography skills, because before my pictures were not very interesting and they lacked dynamic, but after a lot of practice, I now know how to create a more interesting picture through composition and styling the subject.
I also learned a lot about editing pictures and can easily work with an editing program. Editing can make your pictures look more professtional, and I now know how to edit things like saturation, contrast, exposure, definition, and color cast.
The End
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