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No description

Phoebe Chan

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Facebook

Relationship Status
Status Update (as of December 2013)
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757 million daily active users
$6.15 billion in revenue
6337 employees
Background Information
Privacy Options
Facebook affects availability of educational resources: For those schools that allow it, the use of Facebook in our communities can take an inordinate amount of Internet bandwidth

Lives In
Interests: Lifestyle, Health, Addiction
Born in Harvard by Mark Zuckerberg - Founder, Chairman, CEO
Moved to Worldwide on September 2006
Abdullah, Anna, Phoebe, Nataly
PHM384 Presentation

free, quick to set up
communicate with customers more effectively
determine customers' needs and expectations
endorsement increase exponentially with one simple click
1.5 million local active business pages
more than 20 million people "like" a page each day
Pay what you want at a low price
Target specific demographics
Can track how ads are performing
Many options -- websites, offer, rewards

Graph Search
relatively new
provides suggestions for user
recent friend activities will show up
based on friends' activities and user's location and interests
vs. Google, a one-dimensional search limited to web pages and personal search history
Status Update (as of April 3, 2014)
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Facebook advantages and disadvantages?
Phoebe Chan
Good for businesses, companies. Easy to do and cheap. Ads are great to attract new customers.
maintain stronger relationships with real life friends
virtual relationships not as significant
keep in touch with long lost friends
less time spent with parents, weakens relationship
Emotional Well-Being
Those with low self esteem may communicate through Facebook ineffectively, and receive negative feedback (e.g. negative status updates)
Low self esteem increases need for reassurance seeking through Facebook
lowers self esteem
increases sense of not belonging and being burdensome
For others, frequent Facebook use may increase overall being and self-esteem
Depends on how you utilize Facebook, not if you use it
Anna C
It's a great tool for helping me keep in touch with friends who are on the other side of the world!
I am addicted to Facebook.
Withdrawal: When I am not on Facebook, I feel sad, in low spirits, and anxious, but after going on Facebook, these feelings disappear!
Tolerance: The time I spend on Facebook usually exceeds what I expected.
Life problems: When people ask me what I do on Facebook, I will become more defensive or private.
Substitute satisfaction: I am scared that without Facebook, life will become boring, empty, and uninteresting.
Physical Well-Being
People spend time on Facebook when they could be doing physical activity
Amount of time spent on Facebook is negatively correlated with amount of physical activity
Facebook could make people obese
Study groups are often being created on facebook either to complete a specific group work or to help each other in studying. These groups do the following:
promotes collaboration
prepare a perfect study guide and it promotes academic discussion outside of the classroom
Some students are stronger in discussion when that discussion unfolds behind a computer screen with more time to analyze and articulate their thoughts in writing
Makes sharing easier: they can post links, videos, articles, pictures and documents such as articles to use in their studies
It inspires other students to rise to the level of others

Teachers can and are now incorporating facebook in their teaching styles.
Distraction: Using Facebook takes time. Often, a LOT of time!
Most kids have no time for break from “social life”
Most have difficulties disengaging from their social life and hence have their phones on them with the facebook app
it even raises their anxiety level to be without their cell phones for a few hours!
This is unhealthy to the students and could hugely impact their education by making little or no available time for studying

Shortened Attention Span
The use of social media has shortened people's attention span.
Due to the excessive usage of online chatting and shortcuts, the writing skills of today’s young generation have declined quite tremendously
Nataly Rabi
Modern technologies can very well be a double-faced. They do have their advantages, but as with many revolutionary inventions, they can radically change our lives, for better or worse
Relationship status allows interested individuals to know if they are available
Beneficial in "experimental" stages of a relationship, easier to get to know someone better and less embarrassment if rejected
"Facebook official" means one is exclusively off the market
Burdensome on later stages of relationship, have to keep abide by social norms
Privacy Paradox
Willingness to disclose personal information on social network sites despite expressing high levels of concern.
However, Facebook users are not passive users
Types of Privacy
Institutional Privacy: How companies and third parties will use profile information
Social Privacy: Who will be able to access and view the profile
Privacy Strategies
In a study of 77 undergraduate students, Students used various strategies to protect themselves
Excluding contact information
Using the limited profile option
Untagging and removing photographs
limiting Friendship requests from strangers

Institutional Privacy
Only one student was concerned
Excluded information from Facebook that is not accessible elsewhere on the Web.
Third parties on Facebook
Target customer is not the free users
Target customer is the third parties
We are part of the products and services Facebook provides
Challenges of Institutional Privacy
Cookies: data that track your online activity
Ownership of your information
Third party access
Constant changes of rules
19% of youth in Canada experienced cyberbullying
Not just among high school students but adults as well
Teachers are a big target
Celebrity Cyberbullying
Dullah Al-Kazaz
Facebook gives its users a lot of options to protect their social privacy but it is not as explicit about how to protect institutional privacy. However, by raising awareness among the public about this, people can be smarter in managing their institutional privacy
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