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Crime/Drama Film poster analysis

No description

Lukas Darby

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of Crime/Drama Film poster analysis

Ill Manors
Harry Brown
The background of the 'ill Manors' film poster presents the digesis and environment of the film accurately. The wide angle shot constructs a sense confinement as the tower blocks loom over the individual in center frame. The mise en scene gathered from this is that the environment plays a large part within the film and has impact upon characters. This is supported by the short slogan at the top of the poster suggesting the influence the environment has upon its inhabitants.
Props and costume used in synchrony also create mise en scene of rough crime and gang culture. The subject is dressed in a dark hooded coat and baseball cap an holds a gun in his left hand. This upholds a dominant ideology of a gang member informing the audience that this is a crime genre film.
The subject is surrounded by multiple movie reviews and short statements which convey to the audience the crime genre. "Bullet-paced and quite unforgettable' suggest to the audience this film doesn't play at a relaxed speed and will keep viewers on the edge of their seat. This may infer that the demographic is younger in order to keep up with a fast series of events.
Post production upon the image further creates a mise en scene of crime. The dark shadows infer danger and the extreme image clarity creates a gritty look connoting with harsh conditions and lifestyles.
Crime Drama film poster analysis
The background in the 'Offender' poster infers destruction and harsh conditions. Using dark blue tones makes the sparks and flame stand out when in the background to further present the extreme conditions characters may face in 'Offender'. An urban environment upholds the audiences' ideology of where crime takes place and therefore accurately represents the films genre.
This poster presents three subjects with one at the fore front of the frame. This sujects to the audience who the main character is. The subject closest to the camera unconventionally has his back turned with his body facing two other subjects. This infers to the audience possible antagonists the protagonist must face within the film
The poster uses two short statements which slightly reveal the storyline of 'Offender'. Words such as "Revenge" and "Justice" both connote tro the crime drama genre.
Conventionally the poster contains formation such as the release date of the film and the names of featured actors. This helps market the film as popular actors will attract fans.
Each subjects clothing can be connoted to the crime and drama genre. Black hooded outer-wear is a common ideolgy of criminals and gang members. Short hair also infers these characters have been in prison. Props such as a hand gun are also present in the poster which further connote the crime genre, it also informs the audience of potential gun fire scenes in 'Offender'
The 'Harry Brown' poster is very simple in design in comparison to other crime drama genre film posters. it predominantly uses quotes and logos to present the genre of film and the storyline.
There is one main subject on the poster inferring who the main character is to the audience. He is dressed particularly smart in contrast to characters in the background of the poster who uphold the dominant ideology of a gangster. However it is still clear that the main character poses a threat as he holds a revolver and duffel bag which are some ideologies of a gang member of crime involved individual. There is a clear contrast in characters on the poster and suggest possible conflict which may occur between them in the film.
The poster uses review quotes in order to attract positive attention. presenting five stars across the header infers the a potential audience that this film has received top reviews and is therefore worth watching.
The use of a firearms target symbol infers that this film will contain multiple gun fight scenes as expected from a crime drama film.
Vocabulary used on the poster "Violent" and "fierce" connote to the audience the genre and the style of acting that they may see in 'Offender'
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