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Sex and the City

No description

Elizabeth Sophy

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Sex and the City

religion and ? Ladermen The Characters Carrie
Samantha Charlotte Miranda -sarcastic, blunt lawyer
-career-oriented voice of reason
-makes jokes to comfort others
-approach to love and relationships is logical
-has little tolerence for dependence upon men
Miranda is guided by principles of PRIDE and INDEPENDENCE
Traditional religion challenges this by threatening logic -narrator, writer of "Sex and the City" column
-sex or love?
-"Are relationships the religion of the nineties?"
-most socially connected, relationships strongly influence her life
-first break-up with Mr. Big: found faith in herself and no longer needed him
-Aiden/Big saga Carrie constantly balances her desire for a relationship based upon true love with outward (and "inward") assurance that she is happy being single.
Her religion is the tension between making sense of RELATIONSHIPS in her and her friends' lives.
-hopeless romantic Episcopalian
-tries to become more sexual, only to find the Prince Charming is her reality
-horrified that Samantha will find a huband before her
-Trey, divorce, infertility
-Harry, religions transformation
-most traditionally religious but easily abandons for love
-regards religion simply as a characteritic, not a lifestyle. Religion becomes true love and perfection in MARRIAGE and MOTHERHOOD
All her decisions, religious or not, are centered upon this. -brassy, PR manager
-true love is "bullshit"
-sex is real, love is an excuse for sex
-attempts at love fail without sex
-finds sex in all situations Traditional religion has no place in Samantha's mind, nor do principles associated with it, like true love and purity.
Her life is based upon PURE, PHYSICAL SEX "Some find sacred meanings of the strange pathways to spiritual liberation and mystical encounters emanating from the orgasmic ecstacies of wild, unbridled, often unromantic sex..." (Ladermen, 146) -religion without a god
-characters have guiding principles but no "God"
Religion in broad terms can include general cultural tendencies as well as individual expression
(Forbes and Mahan, 4) The Gospel According to Carrie -leaving behind religion: abandon notions about "women in the Church"
-independence, making our own destiny
-single women speaking back Why Sex and the City? -women of all ages
-dressing up for the premier
-identify as a character As a religious experience: As a revelation: -reveals the hipocrisy of religion that we suspect
-real people think of religion in this way -the role of consumerism
-"consumer culture...can yoke just about any desire to the task of furthering consumption" (Miller, 108)
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