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Jump Off The Bandwagon

No description

Amanda Ray

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Jump Off The Bandwagon

Jump Off The Bandwagon
The appeal to get people to follow ones idea by showing there's a bigger crowed following that same idea. (Gathering followers due to popularity)
Bandwagon Origin
The name "bandwagon fallacy" comes from the phrase "jump on the bandwagon" or "climb on the bandwagon", a bandwagon being a wagon big enough to hold a band of musicians. In past political campaigns, candidates would ride a bandwagon through town, and people would show support for the candidate by climbing aboard the wagon. The phrase has come to refer to joining a cause because of its popularity.
Nike Swag
Bandwagon Appeal
Doritos Bandwagon
Social Network
Twerk Some!
Pepsi Generation
WWII Propoganda
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This commercial illustrates bandwagon by showing a group of kids playing basketball wearing the new Nikes and it shows one of the kids without the new pair therefore he doesn't fit in with the group of kids playing basketball. As soon as he gets the new pair of Nikes he automatically gains a new group of friends and basketball skills.
Nike Swag Explanation
A great example of the Bandwagon fallacy is the use and addiction we have towards social networks now a day. As soon as a new social network is invented the word about its existence spreads, and in no time everyone is hooked on it, and if you happen to be an exception to those who are hooked you are seen and treated like an outcast.
Social Networking Explanation
Dorito's Explanation
Twerking Explanation
Pepsi Explanation
Propaganda Explanation
This Dorito's commercial literally shows what hopping on the bandwagon is about as the dad switches from teams because of how well they are playing. At the end of the commercial the kids say how glad they are to know that Dorito's are always part of the bandwagon because of how there dad was not satisfied with the the teams he was going for.
This Pepsi commercial uses Michael Jackson to promote there soft drink. By having Michael Jackson sing about the Pepsi generation, this commercial is letting viewers feel the need to become a part of this new and popular group. The young kids dancing with MJ to his song reveals his popularity which sparks the need for a cool, and refreshing Pepsi.
The Bandwagon fallacy isnt only shown through commercials it is also seen in music and dance. we use the example of Miley Cyrus performing the infamous "twerk" for it is a clear example of a trend most teenage girls are following. And the fact that a famous artist is now a part of the twerking trend makes others want to either improve or learn how to do and be part of the "twerking bandwagon".
This website uses bandwagon by showing how in WWII every one was limited to certain amount of clothing, food, and other supplies.
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