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CMGT 506 Image and image management

No description

Eunjee Song

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of CMGT 506 Image and image management

Who is Monsanto?

Monsanto Controversies
Case Study on Monsanto's Efforts in Image Management
Naia Hong, Yunjia Ge, Eunjee Song

Check this out!! GMO survey!! http://news.rutgers.edu/research-news/most-americans-pay-little-attention-genetically-modified-foods-survey-says/20131101#.U1WmAKPn-71
know very little or nothing
never heard of GMO

Most U.S. consumers still unaware of GMO
Media depictions of Monsanto
Started in 1901 in the chemical/plastic industry, but is now in the food industry.
Monsanto is a publicly traded multi-national corporation based in Missouri.
As of April 03, 2013 made $1.4 billion dollars.
Producer of harmful products such as Agent Orange, saccharine, and herbicides.
Is now the biggest producer of genetically modified foods through biotechnology and the herbicide Roundup.
US Government
Mainstream Media
Social Elites
Monsanto Propaganda
waged patent war against farmers

Ultimate Argument
Digital forms of communication contribute to the technical infrastructure necessary to expand profit for corporations (i.e. elites), yet it also extends the power to the public that was not feasible before technology.
As McChesney illustrated, we are in an era of transition with new communication technologies --> transparency & 2-way dialogue are key drivers of successful
image management/PR
Vertical propaganda
Horizontal propaganda proliferates as an effect of Monsanto's
vertical propaganda system
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