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USST School Outreach November 2014

No description

Aditya Menon

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of USST School Outreach November 2014

Space Elevator
Rover Challenge
- What is engineering??

- Disciplines

- Life as an engineering student
Motto: "Design, Compete, Explore"

Team diversity

What we do: Space stuff!!
- What is it?

- Competition


- Japan
- What is it?

- URC and ERC

- Terrain Traversing

- Astronaut Assistance

- Equipment Servicing

- Sample Retrieval


Twitter: @UofSSpaceTeam

Facebook: U of S Space Design
-What is it?

- Canadian Satellite Design Challenge

- Payload?

Q and A
This is where you ask questions :D
High Altitude Balloon
- What is it?

- Types of projects

- Science Fair
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