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Sami Humaid

on 10 May 2017

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Human activities.
Energy usage.
One billion people lack access to clean water.
2.4 billion don’t have adequate sanitation.
70 percent of industrial wastes are dumped untreated into waters.
1- Overview:
specialize in manufacturing wheat flour based snacks.
All products are marketed under "SNEK KU" brand.
Established in 1976.
All products are marketed under "SNEK KU" brand.
BFC 32403


Kee Boon Shan (AF110238)
Lim Jwee Chyi (AF110219)
Yeo Yin Yin (AF110225)
Abduwahed Salloum (AF110251)
Ezzaddin Yahya Al-Hattabi (AF110241)
Sami Jamal Humaid (AF110248)

Dr. Norzila Binti Othman
2- System implementation:
ISO9001 Quality management system.
Halal by JAKIM.
FSSC 22000:2011 Food safety management system.
Precaution to ensure food quality:
1) Personal hygiene.

2) Metal Detector.

3) GMP practices.

4) Communication
3- The location:
4- Raw materials & Production process:
Flour, gravel fish, diesel, water, wheat, palm oil, salt, sugar, garlic, seasoning, etc...
5- Products:
6- Storage:
Environmental issues
Air pollution
Water pollution
Disposing of sewage from the factory that is treated in water treatment plants.
Industrial waste from factories.
Oil pollution caused by oil spills from tankers.
Waste water.
Burning fossil fuels into the air causing acidic particles.
Increase in water temperature

1) Human Health
We all drink water that comes from a source. In many poor actions, there is always outbreak of cholera and diseases as a result of poor drinking water treatment from contaminated water.Industrial chemicals end up in aquatic environments can accumulate in fish that are later eaten by humans.  Fish are easily poisoned with metals that are also later consumed by humans.  Mercury is particularly poisonous to small children and women.
2) Ecosystems
Ecosystems are destroyed by the rising temperature in the water, as coral reefs are affected by the bleaching effect due to warmer temperatures.  Additionally, the warm water forces indigenous water species to seek cooler water in other areas, causing an ecological damaging shift of the affected area. The effect is that, it breeds algae growth and causes the growth of many more water organism.Naturally, the order of ecosystems in that water is affected negatively, as the destruction
or introduction of any foreign
organism alter the entire food
chain in there.
3) Death of Animals
Animals, including water animals die when water is poisoned for various reasons. Oil spills in the water causes animal to die when they ingest it or encounter it.  Oil does not dissolve in water so it causes suffocation in fish and birds.
4) Economic Cost
The industry which does not well manage the water pollution will receive punishment such as receive compound by DOE. The image of the company also will affect the name of company become blacklist and cut down the number of customers. Company will face economical problems if they didn’t manage well the water pollution.
5) Disruption of food-chains
Pollution disrupts the natural food chain as well. Pollutants such as lead and cadmium are eaten by tiny animals. Later, these animals are consumed by fish and shellfish, and the food chain continues to be disrupted at all higher levels.
1) Reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Emissions
Emitted from waste water collection, treatment, and storage systems through volatilization of organic compounds at the liquid surface.
VOC emissions occur by diffusive or convective mechanisms, or both.
Diffusion occurs when organic concentrations at the water surface are much higher than ambient concentrations.
Convection occurs when air flows over the water surface, sweeping organic vapors from the water surface into the air.
control technology include: steam stripping or air stripping, carbon adsorption (liquid phase), chemical oxidation, membrane separation, liquid-liquid extraction, and bio-treatment (aerobic or anaerobic).
all control elements should be placed as close as possible which can suppress emissions by 95 to 99 percent.

2) Deep-Penetrating Concrete Sealer/Sealed Sump Lid
Radon gas released by uranium-bearing rocks and soil, it moves through the soil freely because it is chemically non-reactive and does not combine with other materials.
Solution: Deep penetrating concrete sealer reacts with cement and seals the capillaries (pores) against radon atoms, as well as the larger water molecules which greatly reduces radon diffusion and advection.
A poured concrete floor installed, four inches of crushed stone should be placed over the earthen floor before pouring concrete to permit easy radon reduction by sub-slab suction.
All joints are carefully sealed and a small fan installed to exhaust the air to the outside, preferably at roof level.
3) Installation of Baffles
Baffles are concrete or fiberglass structures which regulate the flow of fluid but separate the sediment in the chambers.
To remove sediment, suspended particles, and associated pollutants from waste water in the primary treatment process.
based on the concept of slowing the flow velocity through the box, thereby allowing associated pollutants to settle to the bottom of the box and the oil or grease to float on the water.
4) Waste control
To prevent wastage, down line should follow the rules, random check, soft test on human and machine.
Solution: products that display in supermarket and shopping center which is 3 month below the expired date, promotion is conducted to control the chances of waste produce.
The company settles their solid waste by downgraded it then sell to feed the animal without disposed it directly. SNEK KU company own a license approved by Majlis Perbandaran Batu Pahat which is collected the waste once a week by rubbish truck and sent to the disposal area. The treated water is used for cleaning flooring and gardening. Air pollution for this industry is under requirement of DOE that is no problem for the air to release into air. The company didn’t receive a compound before due to environmental problems, but they got a compound from DOE which their company did not own a competent person in charge in environmental problem. So, Mr Syakir is selected by the company to take the course and pass the exam that provided by DOE.
Before industry visit, we had been gained some information from the initial briefing about the industries. That indicated we were still required a knowledge about the industries and the activities followed by them. This was due to our early stages of learning about the industries and all their activities. Therefore the purpose of industry visit was to stimulate the students to learn more about their subjects based upon the industrial visit learning outcomes and look for answers from the industry experts.
After performing the industry visit, the results indicated increase in our knowledge from the one compared with that before the visit. In addition to that, the survey motivated students to learn in detail about their subjects. Thus, we found the visit to be a great learning experience and a source of practical knowledge. Hence overall, the visit has been successful and concluded without any hurdles and hindrances.
Last but not least, the industrial visit for NEW STAR FOOD SDN.BHD has been very useful for us and we are very grateful for this kind of site visits, and we become thankful for providing us by the operations and unit processes those taking place in the industry live.

To conclude, today environmental issues which are result of industrialization have escalated significantly. This requires the policy makers to give a strict punishment which hit out at the bad effects of the factories and other form of industry on environment. Unless law is implemented efficiently, human would not live in the polluted environment. We found out NEW STAR FOOD SDN.BHD realized that controlling the waste is a big challenge to minimize the environmental pollution, and they trying to reach the maximum improvement to treat the waste of the industry as well as they can to minimize and control the environmental pollution (air, land and water) which represent the “good faith” of NEW STAR FOOD SDN.BHD toward the environment.
Figure 10: Photo session among group members
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