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User Experience Design in Automotive Contexts

User Experience Design in Automotive Contexts (…)

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Transcript of User Experience Design in Automotive Contexts

CONTEXTS ma ma's
on UxD Understanding
UX and UxD Brief History of User Experience USABILITY
GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE, … »I invented the term because I thought Human Interface and usability were too narrow; I wanted to cover all aspects of the person's experience with a system, including industrial design, graphics, the interface, the physical interaction and the manual.« »Yeeah, today I would include even much more, the whole totality, it is the total experience that matters …« ask again
2008 But the concept of user experience (feelings and e.g. hedonic aspects) and usability (functional, pragmatic and quantitative aspects) is somehow overlaping and lacks the necessary differentiation. How will user experience change, if the car looses its
pole position as a mirror for simple human desires like strength, power, sex and changes into different means
of e.g. being connected? »You cannot not experience« USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN based on: 5 basic axioms by Paul Watzlawick ma ma is a design studio for User Experience Design since 1992

ma ma thrives to create a simple, easy to adapt and joyful every day experience using technology

ma ma's philosophy is to deliver a holistic interactive and inspiring product experience UX = UxD = XD WHAT IS AN EXPERIENCE? It is an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on you

It is an individual perception on which one builds one's own state of reality

Ones reality is created trough memory and past experiences, stories and feelings which create the meaning

Experience is subjective Why? + Usability Interaction n EXPERIENCE Combustion-engine
free zone
of Zermatt USING A KNOWN
EXPERIENCE on/off light
by Alberto Meda,
Franco Raggi,
Denis Santachiara SHIFTING AN
EXPERIENCE Camouflage design
to hide antenna FEELINGS AND
in Germany Individualistic
(know your customer?) Origin of energy SUPPORTING EXPERIENCE BY
BRAND ATTITUDE Wind generator

(fotomontage by ma ma) EXAMPLE 1
AUTOMOTIVE EXPERIENCE PATTERNS The car can be seen as: Architect J. Mayer H., Winner 2010

ABOUT EXPERIENCE? Think more about the why

The fundamentals of experience making are needs and giving meaning to it

Ask people what kind of experience they are fond of

Thinks generally work much better if they are perceived to be pleasant aichaku Japanese otohime Broadband Connectivity
(e.g. Long Term Evolution)

Smart Personal Devices

Open Data Infrastructure

Public Interfaces

Cloud Computing You 1 (…) a person‘s perceptions and responses, (…) emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological responses, behaviours and accomplishments; (…) system, user and the context of use. ISO 9241 part -210; »Human-centred design for interactive systems« Email thread between Donald Norman and Peter Merholz, 1998 in a video interview with Peter Merholz during UX Week 2008 Source: Marc Hassenzahl, »Experience Design, vom Produkt zum Erleben« Jan. 2011 source: Institute
for the Future
http://www.iftf.org/ Interfaces source: Roland Berger »Automotive landscape 2025: Opportunities and challenges ahead«, 2011

http://www.rolandberger.com/company/press/releases/Automotive-landscape-2025_de.html source: »›i-Car‹: Die junge Generation und das vernetzte Auto« by Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel – Center of Automotive Management, 2011
http://www.auto-institut.de/markets/markets.htm UxD Topics and Trends for the Auto Industry Asked in 1998 by Peter Merholz why he coined the term Donald Norman said: Among others some
definitions User
Experience Experience
Design User
Design = = http://www.dunneandraby.co.uk/content/projects/70/0 Accessories for Lonley Men, by Noam Toran

From Design Noir - "The Secret Life of Electronic Objects" by
Anthony Dunnee & Fiona Raby The Placebo Project

From Design Noir - "The Secret Life of Electronic Objects" by
Anthony Dunnee & Fiona Raby CREATING AN
EXPERIENCE Wake-up Light
by Philips Japanese Comfort Lavatory iPhone and Apps
by Apple BIX Facade of the art museum Graz
by Peter Cook & Colin Fournier Park and
ride stop FUTURE TRENDS… ...in technology ...in technology and society vision for the
future Aichaku is the emotional patina that we develop with objects that we use. It suggests that we have a relationship with the things we use that deepens over time. a possible
approach? THANK YOU http://www.ma-ma.net http://www.flickr.com/photos/ipohkia/2895740641/in/photostream Copyright: tillwe von Flickr Copyright: Ipoh von Flickr Copyright: zoetnet von Flickr some more definitions by ma ma isd
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