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career shadowing

No description

dylan perkins

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing

Sun n' Fun E.M.S The purpose of this job is to, make sure
everything is going okay out at sun n fun,
and make sure all of the staff is highdrated.
another thing they have to do at sun n fun
is, to help people when they get hurt,
dehighdrated, or if they have any medical
problems. One thing that I liked about this job
was that I got to get litterly righte up on the run way and watch all the planes take off and land, another thing was that i got to watch the thunderbirrds show. they were really really good and loud, especialy when they took off rite infront of me. Something else that I like about this job was that, you didnt have to walk around everywere and I got free rides by the E.M.S. Something I disliked about this job was
that when you werent on a call, all you
did was sit there and the comand center
and do nothing except wait on a call or,
wait for one of the air shows to start and
the earliest show was at 2:00 P.M. So the
rest of the time it was that fun. and one
more thing that I didnt really like was that
I wasnt ablet to go on any calls to patients. i dont think that i would pursue a
career in this company because in
the real job it is alot more "nasty"
and i dont have the strongest stomach
for that kind of stuff. My mentor does not know
where this job will be in 15
years because he is only a
volunteer and does work very
very often as a parametic. The education needed to
work at this job is, medical
knowlage, a colledge dep-
loma, and you have to of
attended medical school. For this job there is not really
alot of technology involved for
the job my mentor does as a
parametic. There are know spasific skills
needed to work at this job
except for the things you learn
in your classes you have to take
to become a perametic The average sallary for a
paremedic is $44,000 a year
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