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Eng.101: Organization

No description

Stephanie Womick

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Eng.101: Organization

Organization Four organizational approaches: 1. Chronological: arranged according to a clear time sequence.
2. Spatial: according to details "as they occur in space or from certain locations"--important to maintain throughout.
3. Emphatic: "most compelling evidence is saved for last"
4. Simple-to-Complex: "proceed from relatively simple concepts to more complex ones" Look at page 28
for the list of patterns
of development.
Which patterns are
best suited to which
organizational approaches? Outlining https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XrQmemYpBJ-gjD8BwUV6sUjcF__zEznzRL8I_SeulY4/edit http://media.pearsoncmg.com/long/long_longman_media_1/df/fowler_LBH12e/47a/index.html Does the given purpose suggest an emphatic, chronological, spatial, or simple-to-complex approach?
A. Thesis: Traveling in a large city can be an unexpected education.
Purpose 1: To explain, in a humorous way, the stages in learning to cope with the city's cab system.
Purpose 2: To describe, in a serious manner, the vastly different sections of the city as viewed from a cab. B. Thesis: Supermarkets use sophisticated marketing techniques to prod consumers into buying more than they need.
Purpose 1: To inform readers that positioning products in certain locations encourages impulse buying.
Purpose 2: To persuade readers not to patronize those chains using especially objectionable sales strategies. Organize the supporting points: which are major points, and which are secondary points?
Thesis: Our schools, now in crisis, could be improved in several ways. Teacher certification Schedules Teachers Longer school year Merit pay for teachers Better textbooks Longer school days More challenging courses
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