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Protecting Plants from Freezing

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on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of Protecting Plants from Freezing

Why did I choose this?
I chose this specific topic because of my Grandparents. On their back porch they have a cherry tomato plant. I was disappointed to hear that it wilted and froze during winter. So, decided I could help build a mechanism to help stop it.

The snow and ice punctures the leaves and all the ice and water gets trapped in the tree's plumbing system and the freeze spreads.

My Solution
My solution for this issue is a tarp, a thick black tarp- black because black will absorb the little heat in the air and give it to the plant- with pressure sensors and a filter.
What does everything do?
What do the pressure sensors do? The pressure sensors detect the snow that falls on the tarp and then it gets sucked through the filter. What is the filter for? The filter, after the snow gets sucked through, it melts the snow and automatically waters the plant. The tarp fabric keeps the plant warm!
What type of plants freeze?
With research, I learned that cherry tomatoes-and just plain tomatoes- are
more prone to freezing than other potted plants.
Protecting Plants from Freezing
Why do plants freeze?
My final project!
My final project is done! I drew a sketch, build
a prototype, and did this prezi. I hope my invention helps thousands of farmers in the world and not just my grandparents. Think a
little bit about how even technology can help
PLANTS from freezing.
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