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Scheels Advertising Campaign

No description

Sharon Seeger

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Scheels Advertising Campaign

Chi, Tom
Kerfoot, Ben
Krahmer, Kevin
Ralph, Benjamin
Seeger, Sharon Situation Analysis Carries all top brands and focuses on consumer experience

Competitors: Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop, Cabella’s, and Wal Mart Background Info Family Owned
Founded 1902
Sporting goods retail store
24 stores nationwide
Large selection of Sports Equipment SWOT Analysis Target Audience Middle class people, Ages 18-40
Active lifestyle
Living in the immediate Springfield area

w Communication Challenge
Location: Lack of traffic from being new and set away from most shopping centers in Springfield
Premium priced products The Facilitators STRENGTHS Carries a variety of sport products
Strong reputation
Large, organized stores
Good employees
Great experience
High prices
Some low quality products
Low brand recognition
While Specialized in some areas has major weaknesses in others
Only 24 stores, only 1 in our region
Products are ubiquitous OPPORTUNITIES Acquisitions
Emerging Market (domestically and abroad)
Online Expansion
Product and Services expansion
Positive trend of people living more active THREATS Economic slowdown
External changes (government, taxes, etc)
Lower cost competitors
Cheaper technology
Price wars
Product substitution Our Proposal a.Using Facebook and FourSquare
i.Create advantages for “liking” Facebook page
b.Coupons, advance Sales warnings, etc.
i.Coupons given when check-in using Foursquare
ii.Improves traffic and possibly sales OUR PROPOSAL PART 2 Events
Have seasonal events showcasing new products and sales
Use sporting celebrities to improve attendance
Example: NASCAR driver
Sponsor sporting events
1.Water Sports (fishing, skiing/wakeboarding)
2.College Sports events
3.Local hockey tournaments What we want a.Scheels Image in Springfield
i.Big sports store with a ferris wheel
b.We aim to change that view
i.To improve and spread Scheels image
ii.Show that its more than a ferris wheel and guns Conclusion With the use of our proposal we hope that Scheels can report improved sales and much more traffic (other than around holidays)
People will use Scheels as their first choice, regardless of distance or price WEAKNESS
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