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Project Lifecycle

No description

Laura Harwig

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Project Lifecycle

PMU Training
June 2013

The Project Lifecycle
USAID releases a request for a new project
Proposal preparation
Following submission
Fintrac prides itself on a quick start-up
The PMU is always involved in in-country start-up
Project implementation is the heart of what we do! Successful implementation ensures that we have maximum impact on farmers.

Close Out starts about six months before the official end date of the project.
The PMU is heavily involved in Close Out activities
Close Out
Requests for a New Project
A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a request for a contract
A Request for Assistance (RFA) is a request for a cooperative agreement
A Request for Task Order Proposal (RFTOP) is a request for a Task Order under an IQC
Proposal Preparation
Fintrac's New Business team along with senior management decide whether or not to bid on an RFP/RFA/RFTOP
Proposal teams are established
The technical and cost proposal is written
The proposal is submitted
Following Submission of a Proposal
USAID came come back to us with questions about our technical or cost proposals. These clarifications mean that we have made it through the first round of reviews and are now in the Best and Final Offer (BAFO) stage.
If we end up not winning the award, we can request a debrief from USAID.
If we do win, we move on to negotiations with USAID, the contract is signed and start-up is initatied.
Quick start-up provides us the opportunity to:
Document early successes
Gain credibility with USAID
Gain momentum to move the process along
Make start-up for project/field staff as seamless as possible
Example Tasks Are:
Travel logistics – for Fintrac personnel traveling to the field
In-country USAID meetings – meet with COR, CO, and other relevant personnel
Legal issues (includes meeting with a Labor lawyer)
Company registration with the government of the host country
Opening bank accounts
Locating or building out the selected project office
Local staff recruitment and training
Expatriate employee on-boarding and travel logistics (including the shipment of his/her personal items and moving the family, if applicable)
Procurement (agronomy kits, IT equipment, furniture)
IT and telecommunications set-up
Meeting with stakeholder liaisons and partners
How do we ensure successful implementation of a project?
Follow the terms of your contract.
Manage your contract well.
Ensure regulatory compliance.
Monitor progress against the PMP and workplan.
HR management.
Oversight of subcontractors and partners.
Documenting successes.
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