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software and hardware nicholas czislowski

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Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of software and hardware nicholas czislowski

Software and Hardware by Nicholas Czislowski
software and hardware
Software - Explain Everything and Word document.
Software -Facetime and Power Point.
I used this to talk to my teacher face to face. I also used this to talk to friends and family.
Software - Skype and Youtube
Hardware - iPad and Keyboard
Hardware- Laptop and Computer.
I could record my math and put it on Youtube. I can record videos and take pictures
I used this to record my computation strategy. I can upload photos for my computation strategy.
I used this to type and include images to my narrative. I could email this to my teacher easily.
I used this to type and put images on my presentation. I could also use this to change the font and colour of my writing.
I can talk to my teacher about my narrative. I can talk to friends and family around the world.
I can record my math and send it to my teacher. I can add a title so the teacher knows what I am doing.
I could access Explain Everything and record my computation. I could use Chrome to research.
I can type in my narrative with this. I can control my character in a game with this.
I can access Facetime and talk to my teacher. I can talk to other people with this device
I can use power point to do my rock presentation. I can play games and research.
Hardware- Go pro and USB
I used this to save data and put it on another device. with th USB I put data on any device.
Hardware- iPad
I could access Skype and talk to my teacher.
Software are the apps on your device. Software includes Firefox, Safari, Chrome and all games. Hardware is the thing that holds all of those apps and games. Hardware includes iPads, tablets, computers and phones.
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