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Paul Blackbee

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of RED

Ancient Greeks associated red with the male principle. Red was also the color of the Greek gods of war, Phoebus and Ares. However in prehistoric cultures red was associated with the female principle. The oldest pigment was probably red ochre, which was used in cave art.
Redheads are often stereotyped as having fiery tempers. The god Seth, associated with destruction, was depicted as having red eyes and hair. Seth was victorious over Apep, but murdered his brother, Osiris. Red has been associated, since the beginning of time, with blood, fire, authority and beauty.
Early greek crockery was often crafted with redish toned pigments

Red was also closely associated with ancient greek combat and was recognized as the colour of victory, rivalry and revenge.

A Story of Love and Hate.

As a child we will inevitably have an accident. We will fall and scrape a knee, bump our head or cut a finger or stub a toe. We learn about blood pretty quickly in life. We know blood well. It is our life force, and it is the colour red.

“Although your average guy may not admit having as strong an opinion about lip colors, a recent study at the University of Manchester found that men really are attracted to lipstick, with red being the most captivating. The study involved 50 men viewing photos of women wearing red lipstick, pink lipstick or no lipstick at all. Researchers found that the men spent an average of 7.3 seconds staring at the women wearing red lipstick, 6.7 at the pink lipped ladies and only 2.2 seconds at those who wore no lipstick.

A previous study found that waitresses with red lipstick were tipped by men 50 percent of the time while women with brown, pink or no lipstick were tipped 30 percent of the time (this was in France, where tipping is optional). The men in the study, when questioned later, said they tipped more because they found the women with red lipstick to be more attractive”.

Red is used in graphics and illustration, for it’s eye catching qualities.

The psychedelic sixties, influenced by mind altering drug experimentation brought a new experimentation in art, especially favoring clashing primary colours.

Music too mirrored art as it too become more discordant and experimential.
Wars are fought. Blood is spilt in battlefields in anger, in jealousy, in rage. Red is violent.

However, red is a strange colour. On one hand it symbolizes blood, anger, war and hate; on the other it is associated with love, passion and desire, the complete opposite.

Red is dualistic. For example, women’s lipstick is predominantly red and it is no surprise to learn that women have found it to be the most attractive.

Because of it’s energizing properties, red is a firm favorite for flag design.

The Japanese sun-disk flag, for instance, with it’s strong graphic, could be seen as a grim reminder of Japan’s involvement in World War II as a “symbol of aggression and imperialism”.

Many famous companies, claiming their products to be new and exciting, use red as their predominant colour in their logo.

The philosophy of Coca-Cola is to be ever present, and to always stay in touch with current youth trends or sentiments.

Their new campaign is : ‘So don't wait another moment. Open an ice cold Coca-Cola and choose happiness! ‘

Of course, ‘happiness’ is really another way of saying Coke is exciting.

In the English language we find many symbols and sayings that refer to red as either love or anger. For example,the movie ‘Women in Red’ symbolizes desire.The symbol for love itself is a red heart. ‘I see red’, ‘fiery redhead’, ‘blood red’, ‘red-hot’ are all common sayings for various states of excitement, and they may be a call to action, to a hot, heated, violent action: red is definitely not a calming colour. Red is not blue. Blue will extinguish red like water on a fire.

In special events what happens when celebrities or royalty attend?

They are given special treatment. They walk the red carpet. Why is that? It is because we give them our highest honour. We show them our love, our passion our devotion with our blood colour.

Strange how red is both violent and loving. In small doses red is contained; in large it explodes, erupting like a volcano, like a firestorm.

Red, then, is a passionate colour.

If you want attention use red. It is seen in logos, art, and advertising for that very purpose. It is a very human colour. It is close to us, very personal because it is the colour of our blood. It stirs us up and leads us to action. It has a religious, historical and cultural significance, and it is found in nature.

A little of red, just like hot chilli, it is spicy and nice, but beware of too much will tip you over the edge.

It will lose its control.
When German forces invaded Poland in September 1939, bewildered locals stood by as Hitler’s army swiftly accomplished the occupation with little resistance, resulting in a declaration of war against Germany. As history re-counts, and as the war progressed Hitler committed some of the most abhorrent acts throughout all history, leaving behind his personal mark, or stamp (or logo if you will) as a reminder – the infamous Nazi insignia: a black swastika on a red and white background.

The striking colours were meant to excite and inspire the German nation.

Religious Association

Is associated with the blood of Christ & the sacrifice of martyrs. It is also associated with Pentecost & the Holy Spirit.
It is the Liturgical colour for Holy week including Good Friday & Palm Sunday.
Is used to commemorate Martyrs, Apostles, Cardinals, Bishops & Popes.
Is associated with the Devil, Fire & Hell
Red is one of the 5 colours which are said to have radiated from the Buddha when he attained Enlightenment.
Is usually associated with the benefits of practicing Buddhism such as Achievement, Wisdom, Virtue, Fortune & Dignity.
The power to resist Evil.
Used in Architecture- Walls, Gates, Pillars.
Represents Blood & Sin
Represents Fire & Strength
No special significance, although commonly used on the flags of Muslim countries.
Red clothing forbidden for Men, reserved for Women.
Is of the utmost significance & used for occasions such as Weddings, Births, Festivals.
Indicates Sensuality & Purity
The death of a woman, her body wrapped in a red cloth for cremation.
a faster heartbeat and breathing, colour of
in humans and causes
Red in Nature
Red is associated with

and to be

in animal Kingdom mostly in
Fish, Reptiles and Birds.
cars are popular with thieves.
Red Nature
in Tooth and Claw

is a beautiful and vibrant colour, though in nature it signals
. Those few species, lucky enough to be shaded in this colour are oftern the deadliest species to encounter.
In nature we find red fruits, flowers, plants and vegetables everywhere.

Fruits like strawberries, cherries, watermelon, tomatoes and beetroot are loaded with powerful, healthy antioxidants that soak up damaging free radicals that help keep us disease free. So red in nature has a different function, apart from being eye-catching, it has life-extending properties.
Majority of poisonous animals are
e.g frogs, spiders/bugs and reptiles.
food colouring is made up of mix of bugs.
Caribbean sea and hot tropical climates tend to have majority of
coloured animals in the world.
The Gouldian finches. As adults, the finches develop
heads, a genetically determined trait. The

-headed birds are aggressive, dominant and avoided by the other
headed finches.




• Overall, that of Sin, Guilt, Passion, Blood, Anger, War & Murder.
• Lust, Love &Beauty, the association with the Sex Industry
• Courage & Sacrifice
• A sign of Warning International colour for STOP
• In top 2 favourite colours of all people
• Most popular colour used on flags, (77%)
• Red is good luck in Asia
• Symbol of joy when combined with white, worn by brides
• In the West, energy, excitement & action
• Danger, love & passion- Valentines Day, Christmas Day combined with green
• Cherokees- Success, triumph
• South Africa- Mourning
• Nigeria- Reserved for ceremonies, worn by Chiefs
• Russia- Associated with Communism, means beautiful in Russian language, used in marriage ceremonies
• Aborigines- Represents Land & Earth, ceremonial colour
• Celtic- Death & Afterlife

Nature in Red
Cultural Association
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