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No description

manuel avila

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Science

Science Laser How the laser pointer wors is by a concex and a concave mirror reflecting a beam of light into a little whole at the end of the concex mirror and with the produced light goes through another mirror expanding it making a laser. The different types of laser can be used for diferent things like: Laser guided missels, fun child like laser pointers, security alarm, lasers to start fires. The lasers can effect the eyes by staring at it even though some lasers don't have some heat involved but the eye have reseptors that alarm the vision causing them to dialete. Distance depends on what type of laser there are different types of laser some can go up to 1 meter some up to 1 mile. Power, The power determines how far it projects, the warmth it projects and how much it can last. Works cited
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