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My Life - Adam Marshall

No description

adam marshall

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of My Life - Adam Marshall

My current school life consists of production and other subjects. My electives for grade 9 and 10 include:
- Drama Performance
- Media Arts
- Commerce
I also do Food Studies at the moment, but i am changing to Italian. (Extension) School Hobbies After school Future My Life Some of my main hobbies include:
- Watching movies
- Running
- Being with friends After School I want to join the school orchestra sometime in my life. After school, i also want to go on a Gap year to somewhere in Australia such as Melbourne and live there for a about 8 months just to get some "life experiences." cats cats Current School Life Hobbies I really want to somehow combine the skills of Drama and Italian in some way. Combining this might help with studying over seas or even different places all around Australia. cats cats cats cats cats
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