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Me Myself anf I

No description

S. M.G.

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Me Myself anf I

Starting Sheny Me,Myself and I About Me... My name is ''Shenied''. I was born on Sept/26/2001. My Mom's name is ''Elsa'' and my Dad's name is ''Edwin''and I have a dog named Fiona. I am a really shy girl. I'm in 6th Grade. My favorite class is Physical Education cause I really like sports and there are no reports. My Family... My mom is from ''Mayaguez'' and my dad from ''Fajardo''. My mom was born on Jan/21/1972 and she is 41 years old. My dad was born on August/24/1973 and he is 39 years old. I lost both my Grandmas cause of cancer and 1 grandfather when my dad was 6 years old. I have 1 last grandfather.I have 2 aunts one in ''Cabo Rojo'' and one in ''Fajardo''. I have 3 cousins and one has downsindrome. My Best Friend My Best Friend is Molly. Molly is my Best Friend cause she is fun, nice, and really important to me. Without Molly, school would be boring. This isnme and Molly. Me and My Cousins Me My Dog Fiona
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