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Wellness Program

No description

Lydia Wente

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Wellness Program

Healthy & Happy
Items to Consider
Rising Costs of Health Insurance
National Health epidemic
High cost of wellness programs
Impact of sick days taken, low morale & energy of employees
What We Offer
Personal Health Coach
Weekly Doctor Call, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer.
Online Support Groups
Team Health Challenges with cash prizes
Habits of Health System for Long-Term Change
Customized programs
Meal Plans

Simple meal plans that are designed for a busy work schedule
Medically formulated & physician designed
Healthier & Happier employes *
Healthy weight loss *
Reduction or elimination of medications *
Group unity and support
Your Future
If employees were self motivated, supported, engaged & creating better health for themselves & their families...
How people work?
How people feel?
How would company culture improve?
How would it effect employee satisfaction & loyalty?
How much would it save your company financially?
Long-term change to create better health year after year
Free to the employer
Cost neutral to the employee
Prizes & Incentives at no additional cost
* possible results of weight loss & improvement in health
38% of companies planned to charge higher premiums or deductibles in 2012 to employees who ...had high cholesterol or had other chronic conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure, that they weren’t trying to treat.

Eighty percent said they planned to implement financial incentives for insured employees who did things like lose weight or partake in disease-management programs. *

* "Selling Health Insurance By The Pound:
More Plans Charge Extra For High BMI"
Elizabeth Nolan Brown
The Attempt
Expensive wellness programs
Trying to simply prevent employees from continuing to decline in health year after year
Financial incentives to motivate employees
Rising costs to employees who are unhealthy
The Regret
Wellness programs may only have temporary impact
Ineffective "dieting" instead of lifestyle changes
Money spent on incentives without lasting change
Discouraged employees motivated by reward or cost instead of personal ownership of health.
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