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ISF 187 Final Presentation

No description

Jasmine Thai

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of ISF 187 Final Presentation

A summary of the experiences and insight I gained from the global internship experience
Farrer Park Hospital
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Connexion on Channel NewsAsia
Operations and Medical Affairs Intern
Location of Internship
Status Update
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Jasmine Thai
ISF 187 Final Presentation
Overall, the internship was a wonderful learning experience. I got to eat new foods, travel to new places, and meet new friends all while growing professionally!

one part of a four part project including the Farrer Park Medical Center, One Farrer Hotel & Spa and Owen Link Shopping Corridor all housed in the
Core Work Values
Adventure, Intellectual, Challenge, Interaction, Moral Fulfillment
INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)
Leadership Orientation
UC Berkeley Class of 2014
Environmental Science & Integrative Biology

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Analysis, Research, Organization, Interpersonal, Administrative
Skill Strengths
Counsel, Financial, Construction, Management, Innovation
Skill Weaknesses
Reflections on Internship Experience

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I noticed differences in healthcare compared to the United States
Increased access to care based on ability to pay
Greater availability of general practitioners
Emphasis on patient services
However, lacking in holistic care

Quality of Care
Lack of appreciation for allied health staff
Doctor’s usually less willing to provide suggestions
Smaller appreciation for mental and psychological well-being
Reflections on Personal Goals

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renewed sense of purpose applying to medical school
increased interest in healthcare systems and delivery
greater holistic knowledge of types of care and types of medical aid


Jasmine Shared a Link
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A video demonstrating general healthcare culture and hospital management goals in Singapore
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