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Week 7 Lesson 2: The Second United Front (exam-style skills)

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Liam Brooks

on 3 August 2017

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Transcript of Week 7 Lesson 2: The Second United Front (exam-style skills)

LI: To understand the significance of the Sino-Japanese War in strengthening the CCP.

SC: Students will be able to evaluate how popular perceptions of the GMD and CCP’s ability to fight the Japanese strengthened or weakened the respective movements. Students will complete an exam-style paragraph answer about the Second United Front.

Sample of a paragraph answer that deals with the Second Sino-Japanese War.
 Week 7 Lesson 2: The Second United Front (exam-style skills)

a. What does the survivor’s testimony reveal about the Second Sino-Japanese War?
Activity: Video and group discussion on the
Rape of Nanjing (Dec.1937-Jan.1938)
1. Working in groups of four.
2. Discuss the following question:
3. We'll have 5 minutes.
Recap of exam structure:
Section A
Part 1:

Source analysis
(One A, B, C question)
Part 2: Paragraph answers
(Two paragraph answers)

Section B
Part 1: Essay
Part 2: Source analysis
(One A, B, C question)
What we'll look at today.
Keep an eye out for:
Contention (evaluative?)
Thematic structuring
(military, social, political, economic)
Strength of evidence
(significant events, ideas, individuals, popular movements, HIAE & PSAE)
On-topic throughout?

Activity: Writing an exam-style paragraph answer.
1. Working individually.
2. Complete an exam-style paragraph answer following the recommended structure.
3. You may use the handouts (content knowledge and HIAE & PSAE)
4. You have 30 minutes.
5. Follow the structure!
Activity: Reading and questions to build content knowledge for upcoming paragraph answer
1. Working individually
2. Read the text and answer the questions in dot-point form.
3. We have 15 minutes.
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