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What is advertisement?

No description

J-p Lloyd

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of What is advertisement?

What is advertisement?
A notice or announcement in a public medium, this can be through a poster, a local newspaper, a local radio station, magazines, television or even internet campaigns. The aim of it all is to promote a product, service, event or publicising a job vacancy, designed to attract public attention.

What makes a good advert?
I personally think that a good advert should:-
Have a big bold heading
Be clear and easy to read
Brightly coloured
Have big bold font
Be short and sweet
And generally be something that sticks in the public's mind.

That is why I've chosen this advert.

What makes a bad advert?

Is dull and boring.
Something that doesn't attract the viewer
That has too much writing/information
Doesn't make its self clear
Something that is not easily remembered.
Bright colours.
Nice clear and easy to read text,
which is also straight to the point.
The black font on a yellow background makes it really jump off the page and really calls out to the viewer.
Doesn't confuse the viewer or make them hunt for the contact information.
Ads exist for one reason and one reason only, to influence people in some way, whether that is to influence them to buy or to influence them to your point of view, therefore a bad advert is one that:-
Doesn't stick out to the rest of the press.
Boring and dull colours.
Very small print and hard to read print.
Long winded.
Only someone who was looking for the ad would really notice it.
How would I improve it?
I would've kept it short and easy to remember for example:-

So, to keep our store thriving we are looking for a manager with a diverse set of leadership skills. You'll be working as part of a fast-paced dynamic team, however you'll need to be able to exhibit composure when under pressure and inspire a team of unique individuals!
If this sounds like your sort of job please forward your CV and a covering letter explaining why you might be the right person for the role to, jobs@iqjersey.com. Want more info? Please email us at, jobs@iqjersey.com
It's just plain and simple.
Needs a more catchy title.
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