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Who Invited You? Feel Important Yet ..You should!

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Tha OnDeck

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Who Invited You? Feel Important Yet ..You should!

What are Ripples? Consumption Production Distribution What is Rippln? The App Who Invited You A Fan Fan or a Player? Rippln is a simple concept, that spreads person to person through the power of one to one connection. It's this power, that can reach 1 billion people in record time. If you look at Facebook, Facebook didn't advertise. Facebook didn't market. And Facebook didn't mass promote. Facebook grew simply, by one person telling another because they LOVED the concept. Inner Circle of Whaa?

What is Rippln?
It was an idea who's time had come.And we believe... showing transparency into your social network & being rewarded for the value you create in the marketplace is an idea who's time has come. That's why Rippln exists, & right now, you are in the perfect position to be the first "Ripple Makers" to capitalize on this concept. Be innovators.... Inner CIrcle Only Into the Inner Circle?? Resources As Rippln continues to expand it's platform & technologies, there will be an ever increasing ability to get rewarded for the ripple you create. The more you engage in growing your ripple, & having fun watching as it spreads across the world, the bigger your rewards will be. Wouldn't it be nice to have the opportunity to be listed as an exclusive player for Rippln? Before the app
is revealed to the public?? A Player Can share new apps games and technologies with friends, family coworkers.
Use the app to see how far and wide their social ripple expands globally.
Communicate with everyone throughout their ripples using the instant messenging function within the Rippln App Can do everything a fan does
also has the ability to reap the benefits of their social media network connections and efforts.

By benefiting financially from every ripple they establish throughout the world. Are you in the game or just watching these professionals make Money and live their Dreams? Hottest New App!! Be
a part
of the
Movement today Get Paid for Doing what you love Contact Me to be a part of the Inner Circle today!

Stuart Nealy
Email: Masterminedllc@gmail.com
or Txt me: (760) 637-4815 for an invite Code.

Hurry we are only weeks away from Launching the App!!
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