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Government Control in Fahrenheit 451

No description

Tyler Radtke

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Government Control in Fahrenheit 451

Government Control in Fahrenheit 451
"Any man's insane who thinks he can fool the government and us"
Beatty speaking to Montag
"We've started and won two atomic wars since 2022"
The government isn't getting along with other countries
"We're stopped and searched occasionally, but there's nothing on our persons to incriminate us"
The government tries to please the people
"Established: 1790, to burn English influenced books in the colonies. First fireman: Benjamin Franklin
Government Control in Fahrenheit 451
In conclusion, the government uses many means to control, manipulate, and deceive the people, literally resorting to rewriting history and taking unnecessary measures to try to please society.
He says us, implying that Montag is part of the government
It is implied that the government has taken previous measure to control the citizens
The government is winning because of sheer power and more advanced technology
The government is lying to the citizens
The government is trying to make citizens believe in this ideal way of life
If the hobos don't have books, they are of no importance to the government.
Montag speaking to Mildred
Beatty speaking to Montag
Granger speaking to Montag
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