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The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl

No description

Lucas S.

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl

Effects of the Economic Breakdown
•Causing unemployment rates to go up
•Some banks went out of business and some stopped giving money.
•Everyday things started to get more expensive
The Drought
• 1930's dust clouds taking over
• Wiping out large masses of land
• Crop failure, "dust pneumonia," migration
•More than 5 years of drought
Stock Market Crash
The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl

By Lucas Saleh, Emme Silverman, Anna Kaufman, and Shayan Davaloo

The Dust

Where to go
1929 -1940 (Great Depression)
1931 - 1939 (Dust Bowl)
1920’s - Great Plains were booming
1929 - Stock Market Crash
1931 - Start of Dust Bowl/Crop failures
1935 - photography becomes a great part of people’s lives
1936 - 5th year of drought (Great Plains are pretty much a desert)
1936 - Things are looking bleak (everything is pretty much dead)
September 6, 1936 - Franklin D. Roosevelt gives a speech on the radio.
1939 - A miracle

• Black clouds sweeping over Great Plains
• Almost desert land
• Completely covered in a thick coat of dust
• False alarm for rain
• Migration to California (the most popular destination)
• San Joaquin Valley destination
• Reason for migration: nothing left
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•Huge drop in shares (hence "crash")
• Losing large sums of money
• Black Tuesday-October 29, 1929
(sold 16,410,030 shares)
• All stocks were dropping quickly
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