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The Olfactory System

No description

jan wachtel

on 23 November 2010

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Transcript of The Olfactory System

Olfactory System Structure Function Most mammals and reptiles
have 2 parts of their olfactory
system, the may O.S nd the
accesory O.s The main O.S. is also devided, but into two
mechanisms, those are the peripheral
mechanism and the central mechanism Humans have about 10,000 Olfactory
Receptors, while dogs have over 200 Million! The O.S. is considered
by many scientists, ´´the bridge to
the brain´´, since it connects the nose
to the nervous system by its ligand and
olfactory Bulbs The Main O.S. only detects strong
aiborn chemical smells, and the
acccesory smells more of the liquid
fluid smells The Peripheral Mechanism senses external
smells and encodes them to the central mecha-
nism, there all the smells and signals are processed
and then integrated and sent to the nervous system Men have better sense of smell than
women, but their sense of smell gets
better through the menstrual cycle Humans have 7 primary odors Tacos yey By Jan Wachtel Health The O.S. can be damaged by, cancer, traumatic
brain injury, inhalation of toxic fumes or by
neurodegenerative diseases The following are some neurode-
generative diseases: Anosmia,
Alzheimers Disease, and Parkingsons
Disease Doctors can detect damage to the O.S.
by Presenting the pacient odors via a
scratch and sniff card, or by simply having
the pacient close their eyes and smells some
familiar odor like coffee for example Children Smell sense are better than those
of older age, a 60 year old has only about
2/3 of the olfactory bulbs and receptors than
the ones of a 10 year old The End Bibliography:

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